Yes, this was another cheap WordPress that was created because of the Gamergate fiasco.

Even tho I find plenty of the pro-GG side to be consisted of overblown reactionism, the behavior of certain journalists and personalities talking against GG manages to be even worse, so I decided to start this site to keep up with all the drama. So, pro-GG I suppose, tho with plenty of criticism against GG as well.

I have no training or pratice in journalism, I’m just an opinionated fool with a blog. Then again, the mere fact that I don’t break down into a cold sweat when writing “disclaimer” already makes me more of a journalist than most of the videogame press, sadly.

I don’t pretend to break any news or make interviews or such. This site is only intended as a repository of publicly available information about the dirty aspects of the videogame industry and its adjoining press.

I don’t claim ownership or authorship of any media presented here unless directly stated.

Everything published here is for educational purposes only. Honest.

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