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Arthur Gies

Aliases @aegies
Occupation Video game journalist
Affiliations Polygon, IGN (formerly)

Arthur Giles is Polygon's review editor. [1]

These are the Best Reviews of My Life

Arthur Giles penned Polygon's infamous Bayonetta 2 Review, were he gave the game a strong penalty for it's "blatant over-sexualization," which has sparked significant controversy - Which may be manufactured - and has been incited just for clicks. [2]

His Witcher 3 review is a huge chunk of complaining about its "oppressively misogynist" world and a lack of "single non-white humanoid."[3]

Benefits of a Gaming White Knight Journalist

  • Arthur Gies collaborated with Feminist Frequency's 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming White Males and made a guest appearance in it. [4]
  • In October 20, 2010, the Polygon editor used the phrase "Very Japanese" as a form of insulting Japanese developers.[5]
  • Bullying Pro-Gamergate PR and game developers on Twitter, like @AgentTinsley, saying that the latters should "Shut up." Until, Brad Wardell intervene and ask, "Is that some oblique threat that Polygon might retaliate? Please, explain yourself.[8][9]

  • Arthur Gies explicitly denied being the player for the infamous Doom (2016) video review nor did he captured any footage for Polygon. The player is unknown. [10][11][12] [13]
  • On Arthur Gies' podcast, Rebel FM, specifically episode 256 (About 45 minutes). He begins a conversation about how he got into a paid Red Bull DOTA tournament, using his press status, how he won, and kept the money he received for covering it for Polygon.[14] (Note: add more sources).



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