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This is a list of some basic questions you might have about this wiki. If you have an issue with anything that's not covered by this FAQ, leave a message on the help noticeboard.

What is GamerGate?
GamerGate is a consumer revolt against video game media that is corrupt, rife with cronyism, and uses politicized reporting that does not appropriately represent its consumers. Rather than address these concerns, the games media attacked their own readers, labeling them as sexist and dead. For more details, visit the GamerGate article.
Who owns the wiki?
The wiki was created by Thepope, also known as Drybones, however his holiness's role is mostly administrative. The content of the wiki is owned by all its editors. All content is licensed under CC-by-SA 3.0
Who can edit the wiki?
Anybody can edit the wiki, you don't even need an account, however creating an account will allow you to keep track of your edits. Additionally, if you edit without creating an account, your edits will be identified by a publicly viewable IP address, which is spooky to some people, I guess.
How do you edit wikis?
You can visit the editing help page for a tutorial covering the most important editing features. That page also contains links to the official MediaWiki help pages for more in depth formatting help. But even if you are really unsure of yourself, go ahead and edit anyways. Anything that you do wrong can be fixed or undone easily.
I see that could be better. What should I do?
If you want to improve any articles then go right ahead. Any mistake you make can be undone easily. If a change is likely to be controversial, or will significantly alter the way the article is written, it's usually a good idea to talk about it on the article talk page before you do it. You can go to the talk page of any article by clicking "Discussion" at the top of the page, above the article title.
I don't know what to do. What needs to be done?
There's a lot to be done and it can seem daunting. There is an informal to do list where users make notes of things that should be done, and you can help coordinate with other users that are doing something you're interested in. In addition, the main page lists a cleanup article of the week, an important article that is not as good as it should be, to be the focus of efforts for a while.
What is your stance on neutrality, reliable sources, etc.?
That information is covered in our policies page.
What are autoconfirmed users, editors, sysops, etc.?
Those are user groups, which indicate differing levels of access and privileges when editing.
What are patrolled edits?
Patrolled edits are edits that have been checked for vandalism or spam. When making an edit as patrolled a user is verifying that the edit was checked and any necessary actions have been taken.

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