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This wiki is devoted to being a truthful and well researched wiki for all things GamerGate related. The few rules we have are designed to maintain the high quality of articles. Failure to follow the rules will result in being blocked from editing the wiki.

  1. Be respectful to all users, especially when you disagree. The enemy is the video games media, not each other.
  2. Discuss disagreements on the talk page instead of edit warring. Users who are caught edit warring may be temporarily blocked.
  3. Unsourced claims can be removed, and anyone wanting to add the claim back must find sources.
  4. No doxing of any kind. Doxing includes information that is not and never was publicly avaliable, and any personal information not related to the subject matter.
  5. Pseudonyms or online handles should be used when the real name is not known or not wished to be known. See the personal information policy for more details.
  6. No attempts to organize harassment campaigns or other extremely antagonistic or disruptive behavior.
  7. No impersonation accounts. This does not include parody accounts. Any names based on real person who you are not that person better have some kind of dick pun in them.

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