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Geordie Tait

Occupation Game Journalist

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According to his Facebook, Geordie Tait, believes that Gamergate is an evil organization analogous to the Ku-Klux-Klan or the Westboro Baptist Church.[1][2]

According to Huffington Post reports, the WhiteMalePriviledge Twitter account was made by Geordie Tait. [3]

Role in Gamergate

In October 27, 2014, 4:34 AM, George Tait wrote "Gamergate supporters, I hope you all die of bone cancer."[4]


During November 13, 2014, Arthur Chu stated that Geordie Tait crossed the line, by saying that Geordie is doing a better job of being an Anti-Gamergate than him, probably because he is willing to go full chaotic neutral.[7] [8]

On , StarCityGames decided to delete Geordie Tait's author page, because they want to do simple moves and some other stuff. Geordie Tait states on Facebook that they might as well delete all of his articles, that he assumes that StarCityGames has issues with his tweets about Gamergate, especially the women, minorities,and LGBTQ that join them. Stating that the latters who joined Gamergate are like those that joined the KGB or the Nazi. Geordie Tait went as far to say they might as well get rid of him. [9][10]


Do not engage with Tait at all, Geordie Tait has gone way off the deep end to be reasoned with and might do something bad.

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