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This page is primarily dedicated to cataloging harassment directed at various GamerGate supporters by those who oppose GamerGate. Examples include death threats, doxing, among other forms of harassment. It is also used as a deflection argument: When rebuttals or criticism is levied, anti-GamerGate supporters often use 'harassment' as the reasoning behind the discrepancy or critique, when in reality, they did not directly respond to said criticism.

Concerns about harassment

Examples of Harassment

Gamergators Doxxed.jpg

This is not an exhaustive, all-encompassing list of harassment against GamerGate supporters. However, said harassment is often overlooked and dismissed as unimportant, irrelevant, or deserved.



Internet Aristocrat

Mike Cernovich

Milo Yiannopoulos (Nero)

King of Pol (KoP)


The following are examples of harassment of less-prominent Gamergate supporters.

Commercial Victims

Local 16

The 'Local 16' restaurant in Washington D.C. received angry messages via phone, email, and Twitter in an attempt to cause the cancelation of the #GGinDC meetup on May 2, 2015. The meetup was interrupted by a bomb scare.[1]


Randi Harper

The creator of GGAutoBlocker who is currently receiving $2,500 a month from various Patreon supporters[2] for "anti-harassment work" has also harassed and encouraged her followers to harass several individuals using her Twitter handle. A woman who identified as anti-GamerGate and engaged in discourse with GamerGate supporters via KotakuInAction was "literally crying" after Randi made a rape joke at her expense and encouraged her followers to join in.[3] In another well-documented instance, a scientist who ran an analysis to vet the performance of Randi's blockbot left twitter after her followers threatened to physically harm his wife. This occurred after she spoke up against the harassment and threats made against her husband.[4]


This section is for offensive tweets.



Ellie The Awesome

Robert Caruso

Robert Caruso is an opinion writer for Business Inside, the Boston Globe, and the Latino Voices section of Huffington Post. The following tweets are from a conversation Caruso had with Partisangirl, a Syrian GamerGate supporter.

Geordie Tait


Opponents of GamerGate

The opponents of GamerGate frequently complain about being harassed by GamerGate. Frequently without producing any evidence. Part of GamerGate's defence is that any harassment started before the hashtag was formed on August 27, 2014.


Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian is Host and co-writer of Feminist Frequency. Her complaints about harassment pre-date the formation of #GamerGate in August 2014 by at least 2 years. For example the Wired article "Feminist Take on Games Draws Crude Ridicule, Massive Support" by Angela Watercutter was published in June 14, 2012 mentions 'negative comments'.[5] See her webpage for further details.

Brianna Wu

Wu never left small.jpg

Brianna Wu is co-founder of the game development studio Giant Spacekat whose game is Revolution 60. She claims that she has been forced to leave her house due to threats of violence.[6] This has been proven false by users of chan boards showing that interviews conducted before she left her house and interviews done while she was in hiding were conducted in her home office.[7] See photographs, and her webpage for further details.

Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn is author of computer game Depression Quest and centre of the Zoe Quinn Scandal. Whilst raising money to finance the game she claimed to have received posts from two anonymous users that made sexist statements involving her on Wizardchan. This Twiter was on December 12, 2013 about 8 months before #GamerGate was created.[8] Fredrick Brennan, the administrator of Wizardchan says IP logs show that Quinn herself was responsible for the alleged threats being posted.[9] See her webpage for further details.

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