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Jim Sterling
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Aliases none
Occupation Video game journalist
Affiliations Independent. Formerly The Escapist.

Jim Sterling, is an British freelance game reviewer and the host of 'Jimquisition'. He has worked for Destructoid as a gamer reviewer and for The Escapist as content creator. During the GamerGate controversy he left The Escapist to go independent once again.

Pre-GamerGate Involvement

Like The Escapist, Jim spoke against the harassment Zoe Quinn received when her game was in GreenLight. He made a video speaking about how people started questioning her harassment calling it "victim Blaming". [1]

The allegations were poorly researched with no real evidence of this so called harassment. Despite 'The Escapist' Issuing an apology for the poor journalistic work done about this case, Jim didn't pronounce himself in any way to offer an apology to those that were affected by his erroneous video.

Role in GamerGate

Opinion of GamerGate

On September 8, Jim Sterling made a video talking about how he was called social justice warrior for making the hashtag #IstandWithGanondorf to mock the hashtag #IstandWithJonTron (hashtag that was made to show support to Jon after he spoke against Zoe Quinn and her victim narrative) thinking the hashtag was born from a twitter dispute with Tim Schafer. In this video he says he's a feminist and calls out extremists on both sides.[2]

On September 15, he made a video named "Oh What A Lovely Conspiracy". In which he talks about #GamerGate as a crazy conspiracy, he references 3 articles talking about GamerGate, all of them being anti-gg and one of them being Leigh Alexander's article in time. He also recomended people to discuss the topic of gaming journalism in #Gameethics [3]

Involvement in the removal of interviews of Pro-#GamerGate Devs in The Escapist

On October 10, The escapist wrote an article interviewing many developers about #GamerGate.[4] Jim Sterling participated together with Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz in the removal of the interviews of two developers appearing in that article: Slade Villena (RoguestarGamez) and James Desborough(GRIMACHU) accusing them of harassment of developers and the escapist staff.[5]

The 'evidence' of the harassment were IRC logs previously explained to be taken out of context by The Escapist itself on an interview done to the IRC channel where these logs were taken from. Despite the lack of condemning proof of the claims made, the interviews were removed to avoid backlash.[6]

This was noted by James who first assumed his interview was taken down due to a conflict due to his friendship with Alexander Macris, until he saw the last update in the article saying his interview was removed under mere claims of harassment.[7]

Leaving The Escapist

On November 14, 2014, Jim Sterling tweets about leaving the escapist and going indie.[8] That same day Greg Tito also tweeted a friendly farewell wishing him the best.[9]

On November 15, Greg Tito writes a formal farewell article to Jim Sterling in The Escapist site. In it he highlights the contributions he made to the site and mentions his patreon account as a way to keep backing up his future works as an indie reviewer.[10]


Jim Sterling has a Steam curator and group: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6856736-The-Jim-Sterling-Collection/

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