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Mike Cernovich
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Aliases PlayDangerously, referred to as /fitpol/
Occupation Lawyer
Affiliations N/A

Mike Cernovich is a lawyer and prominent GamerGate supporter although he admits that he is not a gamer and, in fact, previously used to ridicule men who played videogames.[1]

Role in Gamergate

False police reports

On October 24, 2014, a blogger known as idledilettante called for friends of Zoe Quinn to report Cernovich to the Los Angeles Police Department. Cernovich reported, "Anti-#Gamergate people are calling the cops on me. This is not a joke," then went on to say, "Zoe Quinn is responsible. This is her friend and someone she supports."[2][3]

Almost Swatted

Around December 19, 2014, Miki Cernovich stated in his blog that he had his whole life altered ever since he decided to look into Eron Gjoni's case. Since then the lawyer had the State Bar and police been called on him, plus pictures of his home and addresses had been posted on the web, threats, and even false accusations of rape were made. This was mostly done by Margaret Pless, a close friend of Zoe Quinn (The latter knew of the dox in advance).[4]









Web presence


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