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Randi Harper
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Aliases @freebsdgirl
Occupation Programmer
Affiliations OAPI, CON

Randi Harper is a programmer who spends a large amount of time harassing others on Twitter. She was given a large amount of publicity with the creation of GGAutoBlocker and recently the "Online Abuse Prevention Initiative", a supposed non-profit partnered with Zoe Quinn's CON, or Crash Override Network. Despite her current claims that the tech industry is sexist, in 2010 she stated that she had never been discriminated against in the Open Source community and that she found women complaining about equality in the community were simply seeking attention.[1]


Main article: GGAutoBlocker

GGAutoBlocker, short for GooberGabber AutoBlocker (later changed to Good Game AutoBlocker after criticisms) is a brute-force Twitter data-mining script written by Randi Harper on November 04, 2014.[2] Its main purpose is to block any accounts following prominent twitter users who have campaigned against media corruption. The simplistic algorithm led to thousands of false positives, such as the fast food chain restaurant KFC. This made it subject of heavy criticism from journalists, developers, and neutrals who were labelled as harassers by their inclusion.

It was also criticized for its use of incendiary language, calling blocked users "sheeple" and "idiots", while the initial list of blocked users was called a blacklist.[3] It has since changed many of the variable names to appear more professional, though the function and blanket-blocking (including the numerous false positives) remains the same.[4]

Harassment of Others

Though Randi Harper claims she is an "full-time anti-harassment activist", she would be among the first qualifying as a Twitter harasser by any reasonable metric. Well documented instances includes a woman who identified as anti-GamerGate closing her account after Randi and her followers harassed her for posting a thread on r/KotakuInAction. Upon being asked to cease contact, Randi posted, "you made your GamerGate bed. Now get fucked in it".[5] Another incident involved a data scientist who published an analysis on the performance of Randi's blockbot. The scientist closed his Twitter account after Randi's followers threatened to physically harm his wife.[6]

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