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Type Digital Distribution Platform
Leader Gabe Newell

Steam is an internet-based digital distribution platform that's made by the American company, Valve Corporation. [1][2][3][4] It used to distribute games and such media online, ranging small indie developers to larger software houses. In October 2012, Valve expanded to included non-gaming software, like anime.

Role in Gamergate

After Gamergate's successful campaign to push Kotaku's Steam curator off the first page. Operation Gaben was formed with a new goal, to boost the popularity of other pro-Gamergate and pro-consumer Steam curator groups. That way, they can push the anti-consumer curator groups out of the spotlight and give them less sway over Steam's curation.[5]

Gamergate Steam Communities

Gamergate Steam Curators

Run by Sakuyak, a Gamergate supporter.

(Made by reddit user, Dwavenhobble, who is part of Gamergate.)

Communities and Curators Gamergate Supports

Suggested by 2Chan.

Games from a Linux Gaming podcast. Probably Linux - compatible.

This is 4chan /v/'s unofficial Steam curator group.

See Also

Operation Hodor

Operation Gaben

Operation: We Hunted The Waifu


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