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The Support List is an informal list of websites, people and organisations that #GamerGate supports as part of its ongoing effort to combat unethical behavior in video game journalism. To be listed here they must adhere to acceptable policies of disclosure, transparency, and objectivity in reporting and discussing video games and video game industry related news.


Website Reason
APGNation Values and upholds transparency, journalistic ethics, and full disclosure to prevent conflicts of interest. Interviewed several key players of #GamerGate, including TFYC, Milo Yiannopoulos, Adam Baldwin, and William Usher. Additional #GamerGate-related articles, interviews, and opinion pieces have been published. See: APGNation
Attack on Gaming Has written factual articles on #GamerGate[1] and includes disclaimers of personal bias.
BluesNews A news site that links to both sides, assumed neutral...(...Assuming it is even run by a human.)
Brutal Gamer [5] but hasn't mentioned it since, also this article, But it is quite old, from 2010 [6]
Christ Centered Gamer Separation of ideology from reviews
DualShockers An article decrying bribes [7] and a review of Polygon's Bayonetta review. [8] (Bayonetta's Over Sexualization Complaint, a Perfect Example of what's wrong with modern reviews)
#Egmr Many supportive articles of gamergate [9] [10] [11] [12]
Elder Geek Updated review and behaviour policies, such as including disclaimers in the video itself and details on transparency.[2]
Encyclopedia Gamia Includes a policy that encourages primary sources as attributable sources, and discourages the use of websites that have failed to abide by ethical standards in their reporting.[3]
The Escapist Adopted ethical disclosure policy. Edited article on Quinn harassment to reflect that it was never confirmed by an independent source. See: The Escapist. As of February 2015, hired two Pro-GG commentators.[4]
Everybody Plays Has made a comment against the idea that all gamers are sexist[5] and separates warnings of questionable content under the Parental Reviews instead of in their main reviews.
Evil Avatar Allows all types of GamerGate discussion on their forums and many of the factual submitted GamerGate news pieces have made it onto the front page.
Gamesnosh Reported on the initial scandal[6] and put the piece up after they were told to remove it by their webhost. They have reported on The Fine Young Capitalists[7] and discussed the pro-GamerGate side repeatedly.[8][9][10][11] They also have an ethics policy.[12]
Gamer Headlines Gaming news website that published articles on the initial scandal at the height of censorship.[13][14] Recent #GamerGate articles vary between supportive[15][16] and neutral[17][18] depending on the writer.
Gamerevolution Not mentioned directly, but did promote this blog post [13]
Gamersyde No mentions of gamergate or articles against corruption found
GameTrailers No mentions of gamergate or articles against corruption found, allows discussion of gamergate on forums
Game Zone Has written neutral articles on gamergate [14] [15] [16]
Gaming Reinvented Has written supportive articles about GamerGate and related movements [17], [18], [19], and allows discussion of GamerGate and related issues on the forums. Will eventually allow for user submitted articles with any opinions allowed.
Gamnesia Supportive article [20] , Older 2013 Articles [21] [22]
Gather Your Party Alternative to mainstream gaming sites, pro-consumer with ethical standards.[19]
Gematsu No Gamergate (pro/neu) articles/opinions/blogs/twitter/found, furthermore requests no discussion on gamergate/feminism in their open forums. [23] [24] (We Redefined Open)
GoodGamers Founded in response to GamerGate with ethical policies and rules against click-bait articles and editorials never being on the front page.
Highland Arrow Has published pro-GamerGate and pro-NYS opinion pieces[20] (2)[21], unbiased coverage of the Depression Quest scandal [22], ethics policies [23], and a full disclosure statement.[24].
Incgamers Allows GamerGate discussion on their forums; PC Gamer focused, pro-consumer, avoids officially reporting or commenting on political news.
Indiejuice Editor in Chief responsible for the interview with an ex-reddit mod exposing corruption in the moderating process. Has vowed to instate a formal ethics policy in the future with a draft already provided[25]. EiC also actively discusses GG on twitter.
Invision Game Community Article on gamergate [26] However, by a different writer [27]
JustPushStart No mentions of gamergate or articles against corruption found
Libertarian Gaming Supportive of GamerGate: [25], [26]
My Nintendo News No politicized reviews or known ethical issues
NicheGamer Pro-GamerGate,[28] has given balanced reporting on the corruption and has ethical standards.[29][30][31] They have also interviewed pro-GG developers.[32] See : NicheGamer
Nintendolife No mentions of gamergate or articles against corruption found
OK Games Australian gaming site founded in 2015 supportive of GamerGate, has an article about GamerGate and #NotYourShield critisizing Tim Schafer
OperationRainFall No mentions of gamergate or articles against corruption found; [33] (Review policy)
One Angry Gamer Numerous GamerGate Articles can be found within the GamerGate section of his site[34]
Original Gamer Supported GamerGate since the beginning,[35][36] and has produced numerous podcasts supportive of GamerGate's call for ethical reform.[37][38][39]
PixelJudge Supportive articles [27] [28] [29]
Player Essence Has posted supportive articles about GamerGate, as well as videos and posts against SJWs, censorship, corrupt gaming journalists, etc.
Play-Asia Supports anti-censorship and is vocal about this position on Twitter.
PowerGamer Has a code of ethics[40] and pro-gamergate.[41][42]
RealGamerNewz Has written a balanced and factual piece on GamerGate.[43]
Reaxxion Covers a significant amount of stories related to GamerGate and supports egalitarian feminism.[44]
RPGamer Neutral coverage of GamerGate,[45] supporter of egalitarian feminism.[46]
Science Vs. Feminism Pro-GamerGate science blog. Has written a heavily-referenced scientific article on gender politics in video games, video game development and ethics.[47] Founder is listed as "a developer of simulators for training industrial, medical and military personnel." Was featured in One Angry Gamer's recent article on GamerGate.[48]
TechRaptor Provides up-to-date news, informational articles, interviews, and editorials on #GamerGate and the events that surround it. Also revised their ethics policies in response to #GamerGate.[49] See: TechRaptor.
Twentyoz Has written a pro-GamerGate article.[50]
Two Dash Stash Has written a few Pro-GamerGate articles. Founder and writer heavily supportive of movement.
VR World Formerly Bright Side of News, several supporting articles by Derek S.


Developer Games Reason
Adrian C The Vanishing of Ethan Carter[51] Twitlonger: "I could not understand..."[52]
Kyle M Project Assembly Pro-Gamergate
Christopher A Freak Twitlonger: 'A Personal Statement from an Indie Dev on why #GamerGate Is Important'
Bastendorf E
Callum Unity (2014)
Codingteddybear Developing an unnamed game about GamerGate. Opposition to the deception and malice of SJWs in the games media.[53]
Jennifer D'aww Illutia: Fantasy MMORPG, SeedScape (joint with Dapper Swine) Pro-GamerGate[54]
DIADG A pro-GamerGate future dev, supporting GamerGate on Twitter, as well as openly and directly opposing SJWs in GamerGate matters.[55]
DQN Superstar
Dream Boy Games PipeWords on iOS and Android Blogpost: Shanghai of the Nerds
Stew H Recovery FPS Has made pro-GamerGate tweets[56] and was blocked by the IGDA blocklist.[57]
I lua C++
Pekka K Prisonscape Pro-GamerGate[58]
Vincent L Gangster Tactics : Pile Them In
Danielle M Afterlife Empire Winner of TFYC game design competition
Michael M Rosary at the Witch Tower Account has since been deleted, Archive
Ondrej M Kingdom Come: Deliverance Supported GamerGate on twitter.[59]
Tallulah M Coven
Michael M Commodious Downfall (2013), Invictus (2013) 'ⒼⓊⓃⒼⓃⒾⓇ-ⒹⒺⓋ on Twitter:'
Brandon M Top Secret Sci-Fi topdown game
Matthew M Brunelleschi: Age of Architects Pro-GamerGate.[60]
Jason M Polar Roller Nights (2014)
Mister A Mister Armory on Twitter
Overloaded Top Secret 2D Turn-Based RPG Devs of GamerGate on Twitter
Pixel Metal Sombrero Against opinion-based censorship and moral panic-mongering for attention; for real diversity and games as art.[61]
Matt R Past Creations: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (2014) [ Matt R on Twitter
Franklin I Army Men III Strong and vocal supporter of GamerGate. Openly opposes disingenuous indie developers and ideologues with an agenda and strongly adheres to the "by gamers, for gamers" principle.
Andrew S unknown Came out as pro-GG after Tim Schafer called all of NotYourShield sockpuppets: Twitlonger
Sargon of Akkad Necromancer Has made numerous anti-corruption and pro-gamergate videos, tweets and video comments.
Simone T Cupets, Gormiti : Shards of Power, Gormiti Digital Card, Soccer Hero
Daniel V Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (2002), Mafia II (2010), Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has been pro-GG and anti-censorship in interviews[62][63] and on twitter.[64]
Slade V FleetCOMM: Operation Vigrior
Brad W Galactic Civilizations (2003), Galactic Civilizations II (2006), Sins of a Solar Empire (2008), Elemental: War of Magic (2010), Elemental: Fallen Enchantress (2012) Galactic Civilizations III, Sorcerer King Supports GamerGate due to his own experirences with unethical game press[65]
Wrecksey Unannounced horror title. Pseudonymous, vocal game developer greatly supportive of fellow GamerGate developers.[66]
David S The Moon Silver

Development Studios

Developer Games Reason
Autobotika Afterlife Empire Participant in TFYC's contest, developing Danielle M's winning game
Dapper Swine Blasted Fortress, SeedScape (with Jennifer D'aww) Pro-GamerGate.[67][68]
GravTech Games Nora Pro-GamerGate and anti-censorship.[69]
Hailstorm Games Claire "Pro-GG has supported us greatly. Anti-GG has pirated our game, sent us death threats, and called our female devs whores."
Rasam Concept Out Quest, Gear Guts Pro-GamerGate[70][71] and has done pro-GG stream appearances.[72]
Running With Scissors Postal (1997), Postal II (2003) Pro-GamerGate[73] and anti-censorship.[74]
Snazzlebot Games Coins & Stuff (2014), Dream Candy Planet (2014)
Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team Pro Zombie Soccer (2011)
Trek Industries Orion: Prelude (2012) Made a long post explaining GamerGate and what's wrong with gaming journalists.[75]
Windy Hill Studio Orphan Pro-GamerGate.[76]
Destructive Creations Developer of Hatred Developer of a twin-stick spree-killing-themed shooter whose Steam Greenlight page was pulled after nearly being Greenlighted in a day because it was judged to be too "edgy". More information can be found on the developer's website. The game has since been released to mixed reviews and controversy surrounding how tame the violence in the game is, plus it has also been banned from streaming on Twitch.


Personality Videos Reason
AlphaOmegaSin Anita Sarkeesian & ABC News Suck Critical of Anita Sarkeesian in the past and has not retracted position under political pressure.
MundaneMatt Majority, if not all of his videos are pro-GamerGate Has supported GamerGate since the beginning.
Nerd³ No videos directly relating to GamerGate Supportive of GamerGate's goals of rooting out corruption.[77] Condemned censorship of TechRaptor's interview with Allistair Pinsof.[78][79]
Thunderf00t #Gamergate: when 'Feminists' and Gamers collide! Has created a series of videos debunking the anti-GG position and calling for fair and balanced gaming journalism
TotalBiscuit I will now talk about game reviews for just over 30 minutes

Ethics in Games Media: Stephen Totilo of Kotaku comes to the table to discuss

History of supporting ethical practices in Game Journalism.
NateTalksToYou A Dramatic Reading of Anti-Gamergate Tweets! Made several videos mocking Anti-gamergaters and has a series of youtube videos that document logical fallacies in feminist arguments.
EventStatus GamerGate: The Outright Hypocrisy, Manipulation & Disrespect of Consumers by Media Made videos about many gaming events especially ones about the gaming community; made several videos about Gamergate as well as criticizing the racist attacks on #NotYourShield.
MrRepzion Multiple pro GamerGate videos and many anti SJW and Anita videos. Has shown he is Pro GamerGate through multiple videos.


These are games that are not attached to any one individual or studio.

Game Reason
Gods and Idols (twitter) Supports GamerGate on their website
HuniePop (twitter) Supports GamerGate on twitter[80][81]

Writers and Reporters

Writer Reason
David Auerbach Has written personally about GamerGate with a 'hook' perspective at firstand then support.
Oliver Campbell Has talked about Gamergate [82]
Liana K Has given some coverage[83][84]
Erik Kain Fair coverage on Forbes [85][86]
Lance Liebl
Sean Winnett Interview key players
Milo Yiannopoulos Broke story of GameJournoPros. See: Milo Yiannopoulos
Georgina Young
William Usher Former member of GameJournoPros and the leaker that provided Milo with the info for his GJP story. See: William Usher


Writer Reason
David Pakman Balanced interviews with both pro-GamerGate and anti-GamerGate people. See: The David Pakman Show
Ricky Camilleri

Steam Curators

Group Recommendations Reason
GamerGate Rebooted Games that were wrongly criticised for their depictions of women, games made by people who support #GamerGate and games from developers that were shunned by journalists because of their personal views. An attempt to restart the GamerGate Recommends curator group, which has not been maintained for over 5 months. Overtly pro-GamerGate
Cynical Brit Gaming My name is TotalBiscuit and I run I work fulltime as a PC gaming critic and focus on PC specific issues. I create lengthy videos on indie and AAA titles. Curator group of John Bain, prolific GamerGate supporter
Boogie2988's Games I play all kinds of games. I tend to enjoy games that think outside of the box and are a little different from the norm. Neutral in GamerGate and fair to both sides
Bro Team Team Games of True Ascended Heaven Pro-Gamergate and has done anonymous interviews with developers who fear retaliation
Super Sekrit /a/ & /v/ Club House Comfy vidya james and ESPORTS! Unofficial curator group of 4chan's /v/ board
8Chans /v/ You don't play videogames Unofficial curator group of 8chan's /v/ board
TechRaptor These games are curated and selected by TechRaptor Staff members, and they are made up of a wide range of titles that we believe all Steam Gamers should play! Pro-GamerGate journalism
Niche Gamer Niche Gamer is a gaming site dedicated to covering all the lesser known and/or specialized gaming markets across the globe. Pro-GamerGate journalism
Erik Kain: A Curator And A Gentleman I play a lot of RPGs, some strategy titles, first-person shooters, and...well the sort of games I've been writing about at Forbes Games the past few years. Neutral in GamerGate, fair to both sides, and the most accurate mainstream reporting yet
Gamesnosh Community GamesNosh is an independently run video game site and community founded in 2014. A place of passionate gamers and avid critics; we're here to spread the love and give the thumbs up to valuable gaming experiences. Pro-GamerGate journalism
Stardock We love gamers and core PC games. We play them all and we will try to pick only the ones we're pretty certain you'll like. Stardock studios, led by Brad Wardell, is pro-GamerGate and fights the corruption in the industry
Running With Scissors Recommends Great games from indie developers you might have missed, or AAA games we feel were treated unfairly by the gaming press. Pro-GamerGate development studio
/tg/ Recommends Games recommended by the community of elegan/t g/amers!. Expect many Warhammer 40k, DnD and all things strategic and fatalistic! Curator group for 4chan's traditional games board, another generally pro-GamerGate community
Anime 1.0 Have a great day and enjoy great games! With focus on arpg, fps and general action games come and enjoy my taste ;3 Run by Sakuyak, a GamerGate supporter,[87] and was the curator group mass voted to bump Kotaku off the front page.[88]
The Nerd Boxset Non-Poop games. Offical curator account for Nerd³
/r/pcmasterrace Group Welcome to the Official PC Master Race curation, where we recommend glorious PC games worthy of being played by our brethren. Visit us at Official curator group of reddit's PC Master Race subreddit, which is supportive of GamerGate
The Cox List The most fun, creative, and generally entertaining story driven games. Recognizes the corruption and bias in media that GamerGate is fighting against.[89][90]
Christ Centered Gamers Game reviews from a Christian perspective. Seperation of ideology from reviews
GamerGaters GamerGate recommends games based on quality and creativity, regardless of the level of political correctness in their themes. We are proud gamers recommending fun games of all genres for gamers of all types." Overtly supportive of GamerGate

See Also

Boycott List


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