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Before GamerGate

28 Nov 2007

  • Game reviewer and editorial director Jeff Gerstmann is fired from his position at GameSpot closely following his negative review of Eidos Interactive's game Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.[1] Due to the heavy advertising of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men featured on GameSpot at the time, rumors erupt that Gerstmann was fired due to giving the game a poorer review than what Eidos Interactive paid for.

20 Feb 2012

  • Ben Kuchera posts an audio clip on SoundCloud,[2] containing an argument between David Jaffe and Stephen Totilo over the way social justice writer Kate Cox portrayed Jaffe in an article[3] where she wrote about Twisted Metal.
  • Game media's twisted coverage of the Jennifer Hepler controversy. [4]

15 Mar 2012

  • Jeff Gerstmann speaks openly about his 2007 termination from GameSpot. He confirms that his termination was directly tied to his negative review of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, and that publishers threatening to pull advertising in response to disappointing game review scores is a common occurrence in the game journalism industry.[5]

30 May 2012

  • Kotaku writer and social justice writer Patricia Hernandez uses the word "rape" against an opponent in an online multiplayer game, then proceeds to badger and berate the gaming community in general about common forms of trash talk used in all multiplayer games and sports.[6]

24 Oct 2012

  • Writer Rab Florence writes an article for Eurogamer that criticizes the current state of the gaming journalism industry. He lambasts the close relationships between game journalists and the innapropriate amounts of commercialism and bought publicity that occur among them.[7] Following a complaint made from Lauren Wainwright—a game journalist that Florence quoted in his article—Eurogamer removes parts of his publication.[8][9] Rab Florence resigns from Eurogamer the following day due to threat of legal action.[10] The subsequent uproar among gamers in response to the backlash against Florence and the flagrant displays of greed and collusion among gaming journalists is referred to as "Doritogate," in reference to the viral image of Geoff Keighley surrounded by Mountain Dew and Doritos that was featured in Florence's article.[11]
  • After her complaint got Rab Florence fired, Lauren Wainwright was found to have several conflicts of interest of her own for covering and reviewing Square Enix games while also doing consultant work for them.[12] Critics of her conduct were accused of abusive behaviors, misogyny and making rape jokes.[13]

05 Nov 2012

  • After public outcry for attempting to remain silent on the issue, Kotaku Editor In Chief Stephen Totilo finally acknowledges "Doritogate".[14]

18 Feb 2013

11 May 2013

  • A blogger at N4G compiles a history of Kotaku's editorial focus on dubious panic about sexism and misogyny and other unethical behavior.[16]

13 Aug 2013

  • Gone Home releases to rave reviews from all major gaming publications and is praised as a groundbreaking game in terms of design and storytelling. GameSpot,[17] Kotaku,[18] Polygon,[19] Gamasutra,[20] and Metacritic[21] all praise the game heavily despite it being denounced by the gaming community for its shallow gameplay and plot and a length that did not justify its AAA price-point. As a result, Gone Home's treatment by the games media is often held up as an example of industry cronyism and agenda promotion.

11 Dec 2013

  • The Internet Aristocrat discusses how social justice politics taint video game development and how nepotism, cronyism, and censorship run rampant within the indie dev community with his "Mighty Number Nope" video.[22] The video calls out Dina Abou Karam and the changes that were made to Mighty No. 9 after it was funded by Kickstarter.

12 Dec 2013

08 Jan 2014

  • Nathan Grayson publishes an article in Rock Paper Shotgun about 50 indie games that had been admitted to Steam via Greenlight. The title of the article is "Admission Quest" a reference to Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest, which was part of the "batch" of games that had been admitted. The graphic header for the article is a screenshot from Depression Quest, despite the game itself being text-based. In the body of the article Depression Quest is described as a "standout" and "powerful Twine darling". This is followed by a list of the 50 games that were admitted, which included Depression Quest. The meta-tags for the article also include Depression quest. There is no disclosure of the nature of his involvement with the game or of his relationship with the developer.[25]

28 Feb 2014

  • Maya Kramer and Zoe Quinn discover the The Fine Young Capitalists women-only game development contest. Within a short time, they and several followers take issue with the project, believing that it excludes transgender people and asks its entrants to work for free.[26] Former Destructoid writer Jonathan Ross doxxes the contest organizer by sharing posts from his Facebook page.[27] TFYC's website is crashed due to the traffic, something which Quinn and Kramer celebrate.[28]

31 Mar 2014

  • Nathan Grayson publishes an article in Kotaku about the failure of the reality television show project GAME JAM. The main sources quoted in the article are Robin Arnott, Adriel Wallick, and "Depression Quest creator" Zoe Quinn. There is no disclosure of the nature of Nathan Grayson's involvement with the game or of his relationship with the developer. The concluding paragraphs of the article are about Zoe Quinn's aspirations to run a game jam of her own.[29]

01 Apr 2014

  • The domain RebelGameJam.com is registered by Yavanna Kramer.[30] Yavanna Kramer is also the registrant of MayaKramer.com,[31] which links to a twitter account[32] for the "Cuties Killing Video Games" line of fashion items[33] as seen worn by Zoe Quinn.

13 Aug 2014

  • In the wake of fan outrage over Microsoft's announcement that the sequel to Tomb Raider would be an Xbox One exclusive and not multiplatform like the previous one, Ben Kuchera of Polygon took it upon himself to defend this blatant anti-consumer move, going so far as to tell his audience "Here's what's hard for gaming fans to do: We need to stop looking at these deals purely through the lens of someone who wants to play the game."[34] The arguments used in the article to justify this practice were highly questionable.[35]

August 2014

The CCS video podcast discusses the history and recent re-emergence of media panics over video games, this time centered on controversies over sexism.

09 Aug 2014

  • Youtube group Chershire Cat Studios releases a video podcast[36] discussing the history and present state of media scares and moral panics about video games. Earlier controversies about video game violence are covered, and the podcast also charts the emergence of the controversy about over sexism in video games, which has appeared in recent years. CCS had previously covered[37] the role of gaming journalism in promoting the trend.

16 Aug 2014

Programmer Eron Gjoni, writer of The Zoe Post
Gaming journalist Nathan Grayson, writer for Kotaku, one of the largest game news sites in the world.
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Youtuber MundaneMatt's video about The Zoe Post is taken down by a DMCA copyright claim.
Indie game Developer Phil Fish calls gamers "witless manchildren", and berates a developer for speaking out against Quinn.

The Zoe Post

  • Programmer Eron Gjoni publishes the Zoe Post:[38]
    • The long post outlines Eron's breakup with a game developer called Zoe Quinn. In the post, Eron outlines that Zoe displayed what others would later note was a general pattern of abuse against him -- actions in contrast with her public persona as a social activist in the indie game development scene. The post also reveals that, throughout their relationship, Quinn had had affairs with several prominent individuals in the games industry. Of particular interest to members of the gaming community, the post revealed that Quinn had an affair with games journalist Nathan Grayson, who is noted to write for Kotaku—one of the largest game news websites in the world.
    • Though it is not mentioned in Gjoni's post, Nathan Grayson gave Quinn's game, Depression Quest, special attention in a Rock Paper Shotgun article he wrote on 8 January 2014. The game was mentioned as a highlight in the group of 50 games, and was given top billing in the form of being the headline image.[39] Grayson also interviewed Quinn on a Rock Paper Shotgun video blog uploaded on 22 March.[40] After moving to Kotaku, Grayson wrote about Quinn yet again on 31 March 2014, in which he mentioned her role in a failed game jam TV show and mentioned her interest in starting her own jam.[41]
  • Eron first posts his revelations about Zoe Quinn in the somethingawful.com and Penny Arcade forums. The threads are swiftly deleted.[42]
  • Eron subsequently begins publishing his revelations on a wordpress blog. (1)
  • A fellow somethingawful.com forum poster informs Quinn of the existence of Eron's post via twitter. (AT)
  • Approximately 6 hours after the first forum posts, the first imageboard threads discussing Eron's post appear on 4chan. Archived Versions: (1), (2), (3). There is little consensus among the anonymous posters. These threads are also deleted.

17 Aug 2014

It is revealed that TFYC, a feminist game jam, was blackballed from gaming news media due to the influence of Zoe Quinn.

  • Zoe Quinn issues a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice on Mundane Matt's video, alleging copyright infringement due to the use of a static screenshot(DMCA notice). The video is taken down by Google. (The DMCA order would later be released on ~Aug 21st)
  • Threads appear in The Escapist Magazine forums discussing the controversy Thread. [AT]. Posting is subject to very heavy moderation.
  • After a long buildup discussing problems in the current "cliquey" "indie game royalty" scene, game designer Wolf Wozniak(@Ouren) alleges that he was sexually harassed by Zoe Quinn. He is castigated by twitter users including Phil Fish, backs down, and later deletes his tweets.
  • TFYC (The Fine Young Capitalists) alleged doxxing and harassment which their feminist production received from Zoe Quinn, in a Reddit thread discussing Quinn's earlier harassment allegations against Wizardchan. The company was later unable to get press or coverage in games media for its game jam, due to Quinn's influence and unfavorable view of the project. The project was to make a game based on the ideas of a female designer, with an internet vote deciding which woman's idea would be made into a game.

18 Aug 2014

Prominent Youtube game commentator TotalBiscuit, a.k.a. John Bain, posts about the DMCA takedown and emerging scandal.
  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat (who had an already-existing peeve against game journalism since 2010 on his old channel MidLifeJim [43] [44]) releases a video[45] discussing the ongoing fallout from Eron's post, and its implications for the state of games journalism. The video also discusses the suppression of the TFYC scandal on game news sites.
  • The #BurgersandFries public IRC chatroom is created for discussion of the rapidly emerging events. The first recorded logs begin on 18 Aug 2014.[46]
  • Prominent Youtube video game critic and commentator John Bain—better known by his handle TotalBiscuit—makes a twitlonger post discussing the Quinn scandal, criticizing the use of DMCA requests to take down critical work and mentions that "Games journalism as a whole has a massive nepotism problem, encouraged by the publishers and developers and actively partaken in by many outlets.".[47] He also notes the confusion and already intense debate surrounding the scandal. [TW] [AT]

19 Aug 2014

GamesNosh's publishes an article on events, only to have it blocked by their webhost
Reddit moderators heavily censors posts and users discussing the scandal.

Enter the Streisand Effect

  • UK based gaming website GamesNosh is one of the first sites to publish an article reporting on the scandal.[48] Their webhost subsequently blocks the article and asks them to remove it completely,.[49] Gamers resort to viewing the article on The Wayback Machine. Zoe Quinn then asks for contact information and also asked them to remove it from the archives,[50] resulting in the removal of the page from the archive. The article was later restored.

Censorship on Reddit

  • TotalBiscuit's twitlonger post is submitted on Reddit to the /r/gaming subreddit forum. To prevent discussion, /r/gaming moderators end up deleting almost 25,000 comments in the thread.[51] One of the /r/Gaming moderators was revealed to have been in contact with Quinn. The same moderator stated that the mass deletions were to prevent "doxxing".
  • The moderator XavierMendel of /r/Games was later removed from their position for resisting the extensive censorship taking place on reddit, and gave an audio interview audio interview, and made two written accounts detailing the heavy censorship of the scandal which took place in the /r/Games subreddit alone between Aug 18th to the 22nd, including manual and automatic deletions, and shadowbanning of users. 1, 2.

GameJournoPros and The Escapist Forums

File:Ben Kuchera.jpg
On the GJP email list, Polygon editor Ben Kuchera pressured The Escapist to censor discussion as well.
4chan becomes one of the last major sites where gamers could discuss the scandal.
  • Most major gaming websites such as NeoGAF, and the Gamespot forums heavily moderate, edit, delete, and censor discussion of the controversy. 4chan /v/ mods are allegedly also deleting some threads. The Escapist remains one of the few major websites still permitting open discussion of the controversy.[52]

4chan's /v/ board

  • The other major gaming website where discussion of the topic is still quasi-permitted is the video games, or "/v/" board on the anonymous imageboard site 4chan. Despite thread deletions, discussion takes places owing to the sheer volume of gamers making new threads.
  • Zoe Quinn's tumblr and twitter accounts are allegedly hacked and her information doxxed by "4CHAN.ORG/V/". Members of the 4chan /v/ board are immediately skeptical, not least due to the uncharacteristic use of a capitalized /V/ to describe the board. Investigation shows the posted information to be unrelated to Quinn. The incident is viewed with skepticism by posters on /v/ and elsewhere. 4chan thread archives of incident 1, 2.
  • Steam users are reportedly being banned from the depression quest forums after critiquing depression quest. The bans are given for "abuse".

20 Aug 2014

Stephen Totilo, editor of Kotaku, addresses some of the allegations raised over previous days.
Youtuber Jontron's tweets concerning the scandal draw the ire of many twitter users.
  • Technology website TechRaptor publishes an article on the scandal, its implications for practices in the games industry, and the huge ongoing censorship of gamers trying to discuss these issues.[53]
  • The Editor of Kotaku, Stephen Totilo issues a statement, saying that neither he nor the leadership team has found compelling evidence that Nathan Grayson was trading sex for positive coverage in the case of Zoe Quinn, while also confirming that a romantic relationship had occurred. Totilo states that he believes no breaches of ethics occurred in regards to an accusation that Grayson was trading sex for favorable reviews and no further action need be taken. Totilo had earlier made a series of tweets on this event. [TW]
  • TotalBiscuit reveals that he has been called a "misogynist" and "nazi" for making his previous statements [TW]
  • Youtube comedian and game critic Jon Jafari—better known as "JonTron"—tweets about his earlier encounter with Zoe Quinn during the failed Polaris GAME_JAM in March,[54][55] and on the current concerns about journalism,[56] and the behavior of social justice proponents.[57] After linking to a NSFW satirical comic series on the scandal, also featuring himself and Phil Fish, Jontron receives a barrage of criticism.[58][59][60]
  • It is revealed that Quinn's game Depression Quest was one of the selections for IndieCade's Night Games event,[61] of which holding the main Curator chair is Robin Arnott,[62] one of the people Eron alleges Quinn had an affair with.

21 Aug 2014

TFYC participated in an interview in which they described their project's difficulties with Zoe Quinn.
The Polytron website is hacked and company data is leaked online by someone claiming to be the "head mod" at (capitalised) "/V/"
  • Independent gaming website Niche Gamer publish an article on ongoing events,[64] covering the corruption and hypocricy among games journalists, the heavy handed censorship of gamers, and the damage being done to gaming by nepotism and agenda-pushing.
  • The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC), a gamejam dedicated to helping women get into the gaming industry, posts an interview video describing how Zoe Quinn tried to shut down their project[65] and how one of her associates doxxed one of their members, which lead to their project almost shutting down completely.
  • The /pol/ and /v/ 4chan boards propose donating to help fund TFYC's feminist gamejam.[66] Over the next few days, 4chan would help raise more than $23,000 for TFYC.[67]
  • The website Internet Outrage Database publishes an article[68] covering the extensive abuse and vitriol received by Youtubers TotalBiscuit, JonTron and BroTeam for speaking publicly about the scandal.

The Polytron Hack

  • Questions remain unanswered about the hacking. 4chan /v/ posters were again skeptical over a second use of an uncharacteristic capitalized /V/,[70] and posters who later analyzed the incident discovered that the Polytron's Cloudfare server was extremely difficult to hack, and analysis of the linked data suggested it had been created from files on a portable drive, not a webserver, almost 5 hours prior to Polytron's webpage being defaced. 4chan thread archives: 1, 2, 3
  • The leaked data would later become a basis for investigations into the IGF.

22 Aug 2014

Together with TFYC, 4chan users design the female gamer character Vivian James.
  • TFYC publishes a 4chan requested video on great female developers. The video charts the career and influence of Roberta Williams, the pioneering Sierra developer behind the games Mystery House and King's Quest

Vivian James

  • 4chan donates enough money to TFYC to unlock the reward allowing them to create a character for use in their game, resulting in the creation of Vivian James. The female gamer character is designed with input from 4chan users, and will appear the upcoming TFYC game 4chan posters are now helping to fund. Vivian James later becomes one of the major memes in the #Gamergate scandal.[71]
  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases a second video on the controversy,[72] discussing the among games journalists and websites, contrasted with the intense interest among gamers. The video also contrasts the journalists omertà with their earlier frenzies over Max Temkin, and David Jaffe, and discusses the Patreon donations made by various journalists to Quinn, and the Polaris GAME_JAM controversy.

23 Aug 2014

The first of many Patreon donations between journalists and indie developers are revealed.
  • Extensive censorship and shadow-banning of gamers continues on Reddit.[73]
  • Polygon Editor Ben Kuchera is revealed to have been donating to Zoe Quinn's Patreon fund since Jan 2014. Kuchera wrote a positive article in Polygon in May [74] about Quinn based on her alleged online harassment by WizardChan in Dec 2013, which lead to her game being green-lighted on Steam.[75][76]

24 Aug 2014

TFYC IndieGoGo page hacked

  • The Fine Young Capitalists' (TFYC) indiegogo gamejam page is hacked and changed to appear as if the campaign has been "closed". The defacement addresses the capitalized "/V/". The account was hacked due to someone guessing TFYC's password. TFYC later restored their page and announced that no money was lost as a result of the hacking.[77] Article on Incident. 4chan Thread Archive
  • Youtuber MundaneMatt is interviewed by Youtuber ReviewTechUSA, discussing events of the previous week, the DMCA takedown of his video, the emerging scandal surrounding Eron's post, the code of silence surrounding it, and Phil Fish's involvement.
TFYC's donation page is hacked and made to appear as if the campaign had been "closed".
Gamers' investigations uncover several conflicts of interest among journalists at Vox Media's Polygon, and Gawker media's Kotaku.
  • Eron Gjoni, author of the original Zoe Quinn post, writes a long blog post[78] about the events of the previous week.[79] Gjoni also interviewed in the #burgersandfries IRC channel.[80]
  • The KotakuInAction subreddit is created to avoid the ongoing censorship in other gaming subreddits. Reddit admin disruption and down-voting brigades remain a constant problem for the subreddit over the coming months.

More game journalism ethical breaches found

  • Despite their editor's previous statements,[81] Kotaku is revealed to be breaking their own ethics policy.[82] Kotaku Journalist Patricia Hernandez had written multiple stories[83] about a games developer who is her close personal friend.[84]
  • It is revealed that Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson is friends [85] with game developer Robin Arnott. Grayson gave Arnott's game Soundself a glowing review in Kotaku.[86] Grayson also promoted Arnott's work several times on Kotaku [87][88][89][90][91] during 2014, sometimes receiving an abnormal amount of coverage. At no point in his coverage did Grayson recuse himself or disclose his friendship with Arnott.[92][93]
  • Polygon game journalist Danielle Riendeau is revealed to have appeared together with Gone Home score composer and good friend Chris Remo appear on an IdleThumbs podcast, one week before Riendaeu gave Gone Home a 10/10 review[94] on Polygon.[95]

25 Aug 2014

Devin Faraci becomes one of the first to compare "Quinn's detractors' to the terrorist group ISIS.
Feminist Frequency releases a video claiming that AAA video games use "mutilated eroticized female bodies" to "sexually arouse straight male viewers".
  • In the middle of the ongoing furore, Feminist Frequency release their latest Tropes vs Women video. The video makes claims that several popular video game titles sexually objectify women, and even promote necrophilia. Over selected clips, the video claims that the games use exotic dancer, prostitutes, and even "mutilated eroticized female bodies";, to "sexually arouse straight male viewers". The video claims that several AAA games "capitalize on scenes of sexual violence [..] gleefully".

26 Aug 2014

Polygon EiC Chris Grant disagreed that donations to developers constitutes conflicts of interest.
  • Information surfaces that Kotaku writer Patricia Hernandez covered Drink and The Hunt for Gay Planet, which were games developed by her friend Anna Anthropy. Hernandez and Anthropy had been roommates for several months and shared a close friendship that was not disclosed in Hernandez's coverage.[97]
  • In response to earlier revelations Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo releases a statement on their stance towards Patreon donations from writers to Developers, which Kotaku now regards as a conflict of interest which it is now "nixing".
Joss Whedon tweets in praise of @femfreq's video.
  • After some pressure, Polygon editor in chief Chris Grant also releases a statement, saying they have asked all staff to disclose any Patreon contribution they have made to developers. Polygon did not state that it found such donations constituted a conflict of interest. Polygon also stated that articles would be retroactively updated to note such contributions, and that notices of such updates would be given. As of, 23 Nov 2014, no notices of any such updates have been made.

27 Aug 2014

Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin coins the #Gamergate hashtag in a tweet

Creation of the #Gamergate hashtag

  • Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin coins the hashtag "#Gamergate" in a tweet [99] linking to Internet Aristocrat's video. The scandal now has a name.
Baldwin later explains that the tag was a reference to the Watergate scandal,[100] and the usual -gate suffix attached to scandals in the US.

Gamers' consumer emails proposed

  • The twitter user @MissAngerist, who had previously criticized TFYC for accepting donations from 4chan's /v/, makes a twitlonger post admitting that she had been unfair to 4chan[101] and that she had subsequently learned how the TFYC feminist project was almost shutdown by Zoe Quinn. She also discusses how a lot of harassment around the issue is coming from the social justice side. [TW]

Feminist Frequency Tweets

  • Polygon's sister site Verge is quick to tie the threats into the ongoing scandal between gamers and games journalists resulting from Eron Gjoni's post. Sarkeesian's threats will later be conflated with the ongoing scandal in the "Gamers are Dead" article barrage.

28 Aug 2014

The "Gamers are Dead" articles

A montage of the "Gamers are Dead" attack articles published by gaming websites on Aug 28th 2014. The articles condemned gamers as angry and hateful, and celebrated the death of the gamer identity and culture.

GameJournoPros : The articles constitutes a massive smear campaign by the online games media on the worldwide gaming community. Many of the articles explicitly tie the previous scandal stemming from Eron Gjoni's revelations into the recent threats faced by Anita Sarkeesian. Editorial collusion between games websites in the creation of this narrative is heavily suspected. These suspicions are later validated by the UK journalist Milo Yiannopoulos' exposure of the secretive GameJournoPros mailing list..

Gamers Respond

The #Gamergate hashtag explodes on twitter as gamers protest against the "Gamers are Dead" articles.
  • In response to these articles, the #Gamergate hashtag explodes on Twitter over the coming days as gamers object to the slander and stereotyping of the gaming community by unethical journalists.
  • Youtuber MundaneMatt releases a video response to the ongoing onslaught of attack articles by journalists on gamers, stating that the gamer identity is is alive and well, and that it is the behaviour and attitudes of game journalists that have let down gaming.

29th Aug 2014

Feminist scholar CH Sommers comments on the scandal, criticizing the way in which gamers and gaming are being politicized.
  • Second wave Feminist scholar Christina H. Sommers makes a tweet on how gamers are not political,[113] and are not hurting anyone. Sommers later notes that are being bullied by gender-war opportunists, and are no longer being defended by their own press. Her tweets prompt an insightful comment[114] from twitter user @macdatmurphy, which is well recieved by gamers.
  • Gamers continue to discuss the recent attack articles and surrounding issue at the few sites still permitting discussion. Many gamers suspect orchestration and shutdown of criticism by games journalists.[115] Suggestions of collusion similar to Ezra Klein's main-stream media JournoList scandal are made,[116] and will later be vindicated by the discovery of the GameJournoPros secret email list.

30 Aug 2014

File:Alexander "Archon" Macris.jpg
Alexander Macris, GM of The Escapist, states that it will continue to use the term "gamer".
Technology site TechRaptor's webpage is taken down by their webhost.
  • Independent gaming website Gamesnosh publish an article on the fallout from the "Gamers are Dead" attack pieces, referring to events using the term "#Gamergate".[117]
  • The technology website TechRaptor, one of the few independent websites covering the scandal, is temporarily taken down after their webhost deletes their IP without explanation.[118] Techraptor's main Reddit account and subreddit are also banned, but it is later claimed that the bans were unrelated to their involvement in #GamerGate.[119] Techraptor receives a tweet telling them to "Get on the right side of history".[120]
  • Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases the third video,[121] covering the earlier denial and censorship of the games press, in contrast to the ballooning nature of the scandal and gamers' intense discussions. The escalation to derision of gamers culminating the in the "Gamers are Dead" article is noted. The connections of many individuals involved to the PR company Silverstring Media are also discussed.

31 Aug 2014

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Youtuber LEOPirate releases a video discussing GamerGate.
  • Youtuber LEOPirate releases a video,[122] covering recent events, discussing journalists corrupt efforts to smear the gamer identity, and urging gamers not to support corrupt sites. The video also covers how gamers have raised over $20,000 to date for a feminist game jam.
  • Youtuber Boogie2988 makes a post on 4chan's /v/ board and supports gamergate[123][124]
  • Niche Gamer publishes an editorial[125] criticizing the viewpoints of many of the games journalists currently attacking gaming, particularly their assertions that "fun" should not be an important part of video games.

September 2014

01 Sep 2014

Youtuber Chris Ray releases a video[126] in response to the "Gamers are Dead" articles.
Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos publishes one of the first exposes of #Gamergate in the mainstream media.
The PR company Silverstring Media is revealed to have several connections to organisations attacking gaming.
  • Youtuber gamer Chris Ray releases a video[127] on "Gamers are Dead" attack articles, and how gamers own media is re-stigmatizing gaming and are undoing the progress video games had made in being accepted by a wider audience, all in an effort to deflect from concerns over their own ethical issues.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos, Associate Editor at Breitbart London, publishes one of the first GamerGate articles from the mainstream media which covers how games journalists have attacked the gaming community. In the article, Milo describes how the games press "rounded on its own readers, accusing them of bigotry and misogyny" and how the gaming community was "sick of being lectured to... by hypocrites and liars.".[128] Yiannopoulos would later reveal the existence of the GameJournoPros secret email list.
  • A new pro-gamer website, GoodGamers.us [129] promising to uphold ethical journalistic standards is announced:
  • Operation Disrespectful Nod is launched on Github. Operation Disrespectful Nod is an email campaign to cut off ad revenue from anti-gamer journalists by contacting their advertisers.[130]
  • The UK newspaper The Guardian publishes an article attacking the games industry for having "a culture of hate and suspicion".[131] The article focuses on Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian involved and dismisses gamers' concerns about corruption in games journalism.
  • A Youtube video is released by investigator CameraLady,[135] detailing several corporate and clique connections in the indie games scene, centered on Silverstring Media, and the prestigious Independent Games Festival (IGF) awards. Questions are raised about the fairness of the IGF games judging process.
  • A pastebin[136] of a deleted google doc, giving an example of how the academic organisation DiGRA is seeking to promote the inclusion of Identity Politics into video games. DiGRA is also connected to PR firm Silverstring Media.[137][138]

02 Sep 2014

Game developer Daniel Vavra states that developers are remaining silent on #Gamergate due to intimidation by games journalists.
  • Czech game developer Daniel Vavra, designer of the Mafia series, makes a series of tweets saying that game developers "scared to write about the real subject" of #Gamergate, for fear that the poweful games media will no longer cover their games in retaliation, saying that "This is how few can terrorize many." He says that he will place his career on the line to speak about the real issues.[139]
  • Independent games website GamesNosh publishes an article[140] by a female gamer on #Gamergate, on how the issues of transparancey in games journalism and indie dev favouritismare being buried in Gender issue. The article also notes how the media is systematically ignoring female gamers supporting #Gamergate.
  • Totalbiscuit's makes a light-hearted satirical parody on pretentious indie devs (warning: (poor) singing).[141]
  • The Guardian edits their previous article with a partial disclaimer stating the author financially supported Quinn's game.[142] The update omits that the author had been financially supported by Maya Kramer of Silverstring.
  • The BBC technology desk publishes an article on the scandal, focusing exclusively on the tweets sent to Antia Sarkeesian[143] and a narrative of misogyny in video games. The BBC's technology desk, assigned to cover the scandal, would consistently refuse to cover the problems of corruption in games journalism or address the viewpoints of gamers throughout its coverage in the coming months.[144]

03 Sep 2014

Ninouh90 was the first to tweet using the #NotYourShield hashtag.
  • Ninouh90 creates the NotYourShield hashtag, in which minorities and women call for games journalists to stop using accusations of misogyny and racism to deflect discussion of corruption in the industry.[145] The hashtag gives a voice to female and minority gamers who don't want to be used as an excuse for social justice lobbies to push political agendas onto gamers.
  • Youtuber MundaneMatt releases a video criticizing recent assertions that gamers are "like nazis" [146]
  • Youtuber Boogie2988 releases a video disputing the gaming media's assertion that Gamers are misogynist or racist.[147]
  • Game developer Ben Quintero is "downgraded"[148] on Gamasutra after writing a blog post[149] on the site calling for reconsiliation between gamers and game journalists.
  • Al Jazeera publish an article on Gamergate.[150]

04 Sep 2014

Slate contributer David Auerbach writes an article noting that Games journalists are becoming obsolete.
  • TakuChat publish an article outlining how indie game developers Paul Hubans and Jennifer Dawe have been ostracized for stepping out of line in the indie game scene.[151] Huban's lost connections for retweeting a recent video about corruption in the IGF, and Dawe had been attacked for disagreeing with Zoe Quinn in the past.
  • David Auerbach from Slate magazine publishes an article stating that “Gaming Journalism Is Over." Auerbach describes how traditional games journalists were faced with a dwindling reader base due to popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie and that they were basically "rage-quitting their meal ticket" by attacking their remaining audience.[152]
  • Gearbox employee Anthony Burch openly reveals that his former coworkers at Destructoid gave Borderlands 2 favorable reviews due to his personal connections.[153]
  • Matt Rappard of TFYC appears on Honey Badger Radio discussing the Scandal and surrounding problems in the games industry.[154]

05 Sep 2014

Contributing editor Ashton Liu "goes rogue", outlining his reasons for siding with gamers against extremist journalists.
  • Ashton Liu, contributing Editor to RPGFan.com, publishes blog post "Gamers Are Not Dead, They Just Leveled Up",[156] outlining several scandals, and decrying the behavior of major games websites as extremist and reprehensible, as well as their silencing and censorship of dissent. He admits that by doing so he has "gone rogue" from the mainstream game journalism clique.
  • Wikipedia entry on #GamerGate is created. Groups such as Wiki_ProjectFeminism band together in an edit war to paint the movement as sexist and misogynist. At its peak, #GamerGate's Wikipedia entry had over 300 edits in a 3 day timespan from WikiProject Feminism.[157] As of 27 Sep 2014, #GamerGate was still the most edited article in the WikiProject Feminism group, with 53 edits being made over 3 days.[158]
  • Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo writes an article on Gamergate, in which he states that his journalists are entitled to pay into developer's Patreon funds in order to gain access,[159] and expense this cost.

06 Sep 2014

Discussion in the #burgersandfries public IRC chatroom
  • Zoe Quinn publishes a series of tweets [160] containing excerpts from 4chan threads and the #burgersandfries IRC channel, alleging that #Gamergate was a planned "raid".
  • A twitter account spams illegal pornography at the Feminist frequency twitter account. 4chan users quickly report the offending account for abuse.[161]
  • The LA Times prints an anti-gamer article in the vein of the earlier "Gamers are Dead" pieces in the games media[162]
  • MundaneMatt post a video response saying #Gamergate supporters are not responsible for the tweets to feminist frequency [163]
  • Gamergate and related hashtags continue to trend on twitter.[164]
  • Alexander "Archon" Macris of The Escapist enters the #burgersandfries IRC channel to ask a set of questions[165] about recent events, and receives responses from users in the channel rebutting several of the claims being made against #Gamergate.[166][167]
  • MundaneMatt releases a video response to Quinn's tweets, explaining that #burgerandfries is a public IRC channel for discussion and updates of the emerging scandal.[168]

07 Sep 2014

Gamers reveal conflicts of interest in the Indie gaming scene. Both IGF and Indiecade award judges are revealed to have been investors in Polytron's Fez, which won awards at the respective shows.
To defend women's honor, Greg Costikyan offers to duel protesting gamers "with sword or pistol, at a time and place of your choosing".

  • @Cainjw publishes an extensive analysis of the early timeline of Gamergate, rebutting Zoe Quinn's claims that there was harassment conspiracy by #4chan.[169]
  • A team of gamers investigating the leaked Polytron data from August releases a video[170] outlining conflicts of interest at the Independent Games Festival (IGF), and the IndieCade game awards, centered around the the investment group Indie Fund. Indie Fund and Polytron investors are revealed to have been judges in the 2012 IGF awards, at which Polytron's "Fez" won the Grand Prize,[171] while also entitled to a percentage of the game's sales upon its release the following month. The awards chair of IndieCade, at which Fez also won 2 awards, is also revealed to have been a Polytron investor. (Gamesnosh Article on video[172])
  • Gamesnosh publish an Op-Ed on "The Long, Sad and Drawn out Death of the Games “Journalist”[173], covering the historical, cultural and economic reasons for the profession's decline
  • Philip Wythe publishes a Daily Targum article,[174] outlining the problems of harassment and abuse within social justice communities and how they have silenced and impeded discussion around recent events in gaming.
  • Gamasutra writer Greg Costikyan responds to #GamerGate by stating that good men defend women, saying that "To defend the honour of Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Leigh Alexander, or yes, Anna Anthropy, I will be willing to meet any of you, on horse or afoot, with sword or pistol, at a time and place of your choosing."[175]
  • In a [176] former Reddit mod XavierMendel describes the internal politics between Reddit mods and admins and the circumstances behind the 32,000 comments deleted in a thread on r/gaming during August. The interview describes Reddit's admins and moderators having a social environment similar to a collection of high school cliques with radical groups such as /r/SRS given disproportionate amounts of power relative to their size and behavior. XavierMendel also states that he started developing a reddit plugin which could encrypt PMs and subreddits, but ceased development after reddit admins threatened to accuse him of aiding and abetting in the distribution of child porn if he continued. (IndieJuice Article [177])

08 Sep 2014

In response to recent events, The Escapist publish their revised Journalistic ethics guidelines, as well as a note on the state of gaming.
  • The Escapist magazine releases a Publisher's note on the state of gaming,[178] addressing the recent fallout from the "Gamers are Dead" articles in August. The note also discusses the meaning of the gamer identity, the current state of the games industry, and game journalism. Also published is a set revised ethical standards[179] for content across all of Defy Media, addressing concerns raised during recent events.
  • Tyler Malka, owner of the forum NeoGaf, tweets that #GamerGate is being kept afloat by “200 nonspecifically disenfranchised manchildren.[180]
  • Rock Paper Shotgun publishes a long article giving their response to recent the concerns raised in recent weeks,[181] stating that the evidence appears to point towards a "conspiracy of misogynists to silence progressive writers". RPS also affirms that it will continue its stance on game criticism, stating that "But if you talk about games, you talk about politics." [182]
  • TechRaptor tweets that their website database was hacked and they have lost several days of data.[183] It is the latest in a series of attacks on the website following its coverage of the scandal to date.
  • Two gamers editing the emerging Wikipedia gamergate article are doxxed by a "social justice" blogger in an extensive blogpost.[184] Zoe Quinn makes a tweet about the blogpost[185]

09 Sep 2014

APGNation publishes an interview with TFYC, on the difficulties their feminist game jam suffered due to the influence of Zoe Quinn
  • A confirmed former games journalist makes a post in the /r/Games subreddit detailing corruption in the Australian gaming press. The source states that unprofessionally close relationships between Australian game publishers and game journalists motivated them to kill a story after a security breach resulted in over 40,000 user accounts getting compromised by hackers .[186] EA would later confirm that the incident occurred at the community forum for developer Firemonkeys on Sep 8th, 2013.[187]
  • As a result of gamers consumer emails, one of the "Gamers are Dead" sites, Polygon is reported to have lost an advertising sponsor.[188] Another sponsor, Stacksocial is alleged to have pulled ads from Kotaku[189] polygon
  • APGNation publishes an interview with Matthew Rappard of The Fine Young Capitalists,[190] on the difficulties that TFYC's feminist game jam faced due to opposition from Zoe Quinn throughout 2014, as well as their recent interactions and difficulties over the course of the current scandal.
  • Youtuber TotalBiscuit release a 30 minute video discussing recent developments in games media industry and the principles of gaming media[191]
  • A large number of articles painting #GamerGate as a misogynistic movement created by conspiring 4chan users are published over a 24 hour period, including in the Telegraph and Der Spiegal [192][193][194][195][196][197][198]
  • The Taiwan electronics newspaper DigiTimes, publishes a commentary arguing that "Time is running out for console makers to clean up GamerGate"[199], and that the demonization of gamers and other negative press could impact fourth quarter holiday sales of video games and consoles.

10 Sep 2014

Jason Schreier states that Kotaku will not be covering the TFYC story due to internal concerns.
In a Rooster Teeth Podcast, Burnie Burns notes that gamers think in terms of "who's winning, who's losing, and ... cheating".
  • Game Journalist Jason Schreier writes twitlonger giving reasons for why the story of TFYC and their game jam's difficulties are not being reported on Kotaku.[200]
  • During a discussion on Gamergate during the Rooster Teeth, Patch podcast, machinima filmmaker Burnie Burns comments that "the language and vernacular of gamers is winning or losing" and also "cheating" and that gamers will react if they believe the system is being cheated[201].
  • Japanese twitter users begin to tweet about the #Gamergate and #NotYourShield hashtags [203]
  • A very detailed pastebin emerges outlining the many connections among a clique centered around the PR company Silverstring media, involving game journalists, indie developers, PR contacts, and academics.[204]

11 Sep 2014

Youtube game journalist George Wiedman makes a video on the relationships between journalists and their sources.
TFYC's $65,000 IndieGoGo campaign for their feminist game jam is fully funded with help from gamers from 4chan
  • The Fine Young Capitalists $65,000 IndieGoGo campaign is successfully funded with the help of donations from gamers on 4chan and other websites[205] (despite being banned from NeoGAF[206]).
  • Youtuber and games journalist George Wiedman, aka "Super Bunnyhop", releases a long video on Gamergate[207], discussing the issues surrounding relationships between journalists and their sources. The video includes an interview with Georgia State University Professor Greg Lisby[208] on ethics in journalism, and an email interview with retired New York Times journalist Mitch Keller[209].
  • The website Goodgamers.us is launched [210]
  • A game developer from New Zealand post on KotakuInAction saying that Gamergate has been a long time coming, and that many developers have been the targets of industry bullying at the hands of social justice cliques[211]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos makes a thread on 4chan that reaches 2660 replies and 795 images [212][213][214].

12 Sep 2014

14 Sep 2014

15 Sep 2014

  • Wikileaks tweets support for #GamerGate.[218]

16 Sep 2014

  • A 4chan moderator demands that users stop posting a Cracked article written by Zoe Quinn and starts banning anyone who mentions it. /v/ explodes, and the mod responds by stating that the bans were a violation of the "no commercial spam" rule. All relevant threads and all subsequent #GamerGate threads are deleted.[219]
  • Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers publishes a video denouncing recent attacks on gamers.
  • Prominent skeptic Richard Dawkins tweets support for Christina H. Sommers and states "We don't let religion pass myth off as fact. Feminism should be no different." Dawkins refers to Sommers' attackers as the "Big Sister is Watching You Thought Police."[220]

17 Sep 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos reveals the presence of a secret games journalist mailing list called GameJournoPros which secretly communicates outside of the public eye in order to control the narrative in the gaming industry.[221] The group consists of 150 figures in the games industry from various different sites.[222]
  • Rooster Teeth podcast video posted to Youtube explaining how award shows are rigged and influenced by cronyism.[223]
  • NicheGamer releases an article of an interview they had with an anonymous Xbox developer who supports GamerGate.[224]

18 Sep 2014

  • Chris Poole aka. moot returns to 4chan after attending the XOXO fest in Portland, OR.[225] moot releases a statement that #GamerGate threads are being deleted from 4chan because "they violate our blanket 'no personal information / raids / calls to invasion".[226] 4chan users report that multiple threads about corruption in gaming journalism are being deleted from /v/, /pol/, and even /b/. The 4chan userbase splits, with many members leaving for 8chan.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos releases additional email chains from the GameJournoPros group. Contents of the leaked emails include game journalists joking about sleeping with PR and developers, banding together to purchase a "feel better" gift for Zoe Quinn, and taking turns calling Eron Gjoni a psychopath.[227]
  • Video game critic Liana K jokes at a conference about inflating the scores of games that deserve a 7.5/10.0 to an 8.0/10.0 so the game developers do not get penalized by Metacritic averages, as a way of calling attention to the harmful influence that Metacritic has in the industry.[228] Despite suggestions to the contrary,[229] there is no evidence of Liana actually manipulating her scores, and she has strongly denied the accusation[230]
  • NicheGamer releases an article of interviews they had with anonymous, named and aspiring developers. The article also includes an interview with the creator of the NotYourShield hashtag, Jason Miller.[231]

19 Sep 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos is mailed a large package of toilet paper to his home address.[232]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos releases transcripts from GameJournoPros in which James Fudge, the managing editor of GamePolitics.com and Ben Kuchera, opinion editor at Polygon.com, pressure Greg Tito, the editor in chief of Escapistmagazine.com to delete a forum thread about Zoe Quinn and corruption in the gaming industry.[233]
  • Reddit admins add a new feature which would allow moderators to collapse all a deleted or removed comment and its replies. Users are still able to uncollapse the comment if they can find it.[234][235]
  • Matt Rappard from TFYC reports another hacking attempt on their account.[236]
  • Adland.tv speculates that the Gamers are Dead attack will shrink the overall advertising budget for games journalism as an industry [237]
  • TechRaptor interviews an anonymous Xbox One developer who sheds some light on corruption in the gaming journalism industry.[238]
  • The seminal blog post Intellectual bullying and the postmodern discourse of GamerGate is published on the Mitrailleuse.

20 Sep 2014

  • The Escapist is temporarily taken down due to a DDOS attack on the primary GamerGate thread on their forum.[239]
  • All activity related to GamerGate is banned from the TVTropes forums.[240]
  • The Ralph Retort reports that in 2011, Neogaf sold user content to Kotaku without the permission of the user. The source chose to remain anonymous due to the damage that could be caused if he/she went public.[241]

21 Sep 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos is mailed a syringe at his home address.[242]
  • Dina Abou Karam, community manager for The Mighty Number 9, blocks Kickstarter supporters who support GamerGate from the game’s official twitter.[243]
  • Stardock CEO Brad Wardell releases a blog post in which he expressed sympathy for GamerGate and dismay at the "character assassination and harassment" conducted by its opponents.[244]
  • Editor Titanium Dragon is banned from Wikipedia for "inserting unsourced or poorly sourced defamatory content" into an article about Zoe Quinn. Titanium dragon had included a Cinemablend article describing the doxxing of TFYC and a Forbes article about accusations made by Zoe Quinn against Wizardchan.[245]

22 Sep 2014

  • 8chan announces a partnership with 2ch.net.[246]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos posts the first #radionero broadcast. Guests include Christine Sommers and Adam Baldwin.
  • An anonymous contributor from a US congressional IP address edits Kotaku's wikipedia page to state that GamerGate opponents are running a campaign of cultural marxism. The edit was quickly reverted.[247]
  • TechRaptor interviews game developer and Stardock Corporation CEO Brad Wardell, who speaks out against irresponsible journalism and supports #GamerGate's end goals.[248]

23 Sep 2014

  • Gamergate breaks one million tweets.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos publishes another GameJournoPros article describing sloppy, unethical reporting by Kotaku opinion editor Ben Kuchera. The article describes how Kuchera published a story about false sexual harassment allegations against Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. Milo cites two unnamed industry sources who thought that the articles were intended to cause "professional damage to someone he perceived to have right-wing politics."[249]
  • Jimmy Wales, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia, responds to GamerGate issue by saying "To everyone who is asking me. I know little about #GamerGate and will not have time to look into it until Thursday. Meanwhile, relax, ok?"[250]
  • Eron Gjoni asks for financial assistance in an ongoing legal battle with his ex girlfriend.[251] Eron's GoFundMe page is taken down shortly afterwards due to a cited TOS violation .[252] Eron later confirms that his GoFundMe was fully funded (approximately 2,000 USD) before it was shut down and that he was able to receive his money.[253]
  • Contributer to IGN, Matt Clark has a meltdown on Twitter.[254]

24 Sep 2014

  • The Escapist publishes an article of interviews conducted with female game developers on the subject of GamerGate.[255]

25 Sep 2014

  • Jimmy Wales tweets that the GamerGate Wikipedia entry is "not unfair to either side. It's just a badly written battleground." Wales proceeds to state that he will lock current editors from changing the GamerGate Wikipedia entry and bring in neutral 3rd parties to rewrite it.[256]
  • Allum Bokhari posts an article on Techcrunch deploring the politicization of gaming journalism and compares the gamer revolt to what would have happened if game journalists had sided with Jack Thompson instead of denouncing him.[257]
  • EA director Chris Mancil comments on GamerGate. Mancil points to a "loss of connection between ordinary gamers and the games industry" as the primary driving force behind #GamerGate and compares the rage with "banks, cellular providers, airlines, cable companies and the hate those relationships generate with customers who NEED that service but get treated like beasts."[258]

26 Sep 2014

  • Rumors spread of SilverString Media bringing in PR teams to do damage control on GamerGate.[259] 8chan posters suggest that PR will attempt to neutralize the uproar from gamers with an attack from moderation.[260]
  • KotakuInAction posters report seeing over 1,700 twitterbots spamming #GamerGate tweets.[261]

27 Sep 2014

  • InternetAristocrat releases GamerGate Part 1: The Path We've Taken video.

28 Sep 2014

  • KingofPol is doxxed by a 4chan moderator. KingofPol later confirms that he was was doxxed on his official twitter.[262][263]

30 Sep 2014

  • Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, tweets that many people find the Sarkeesian Effect documentary to be "hurtful and exclusive" and considers taking it down.[264] Patreon later decides not to take down the Sarkeesian Effect account.[265]
  • Intel pulls advertiser support from Gamasutra.[266]

October 2014

02 Oct 2014

  • A user on /r/kotakuinaction who sat in on Eron Gjoni's court case reports that the judge invoked a 209a restraining order against Eron until 2015. The post continued by stating that the judge viewed Eron's intention to publish public court documents as ‘intimidation’ against his ex-girlfriend. The hearing lasted about ten minutes, after which Eron's attorney was sufficiently outraged that he offered to take Eron through a substantial portion of the appeals process pro bono.[267]
  • A kotakuinaction politicalcompass.org survey reveals that members of GamerGate tend to fall under the left/libertarian end of the political spectrum.[268][269]
  • TechRaptor interviews indie game developer Jennifer Dawe, who disputes the myth that the gaming industry is hostile/unwelcoming to women.[270]

03 Oct 2014

  • GamerGate tweets traffic to the highest point in over a month, likely due to discussion about Intel's decision to drop advertising from Gamasutra.[271]
  • 8chan tweets that their site undergone a DDOS attack.[272]
  • Github takes down a Gamergate repository.[273] Repository is mirrored on gitorious as an alternative.
  • Gitorious announces that they did not find the GamerGate repository to be in any violation of their terms of services.[274]

04 Oct 2014

  • The University of Advanced Technology pulls advertising from Gamasutra due to concerns with negative journalism.[275]

06 Oct 2014

  • George Reese, Executive Director of Cloud Computing at Dell, tweets that GamerGate is the technology sector's ISIS. The tweet is deleted shortly afterwards.[276]
  • Totalbiscuit tweets support for GamerGate.[277]
  • Wikipedia admin adds "The neutrality of this article is disputed" disclaimer to their GamerGate page.[278]

08 Oct 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos conducts an AMA on the Kotaku in Action subreddit.
  • Totalbiscuit reveals that advertising agency Plaid Social offered YouTubers deals to receive pre-release copies of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor in return for favorable reviews.[279][280][281]
  • Jimmy Wales tweets "I'm discovering that the number of jerks advocating for #gamergate is vast."[282]

09 Oct 2014

  • Robert Ohlen, the CEO of Dreamhack, the largest LAN party in the world, calls people that support the #GamerGate hashtag "retards" and "asshats" on Twitter.[283]
  • T.C. Sottek, Editor for The Verge goes into #burgersandfries IRC channel as basedtc to ask questions.[284] This is after writing an article titled "Stop supporting Gamergate" on the 8th of October.[285]

10 Oct 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos releases another GameJournosPro article on how games journalists joked about releasing paid reviews and laughed at controversial developer Phil Fish.[286]
  • The Escapist releases an article of an interview conducted with Daniel Vavra, developer and co-founder of Warhorse Studios, as well as a supporter of GamerGate.[287]
  • David Auerbach author of Slate.com's Bitwise column drops into #burgersandfries IRC channel as trajan to answer any questions.[288]
  • The Escapist publishes an article of interviews conducted with game developers titled "What Game Developers Think of #GamerGate".[289] This was later changed to "What Male Game Developers Think of #GamerGate", due to complaints of sexism. One of the studio's interviewed within the article contained both genders therefore a note was added with the following "Exception: Crowned Daemon Studios includes both genders but is grouped with this list.". Interviews of Slade Villena and James Desborough were later removed "due to complaints (accompanied by what appears to be actual evidence)" of harassment.[290]
  • William Usher Releases an article about a GameJournoPros leak in which a former GJP member talks about a conflict many conflicts of interests and claiming #Gamergate isn't about ethics because they haven't called them out. [291]

13 Oct 2014

  • Brianna Wu cancels an interview with Milo Yiannopoulos without a previous notice for going to an interview in msnbc, Milo explains the situation in detail on his radio show.[292]
  • msnbc(Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company) covers the Gamergate controversy. Joy Reid invites Eric Johnson writer for "Re/Code," who made claims about sexism in the gaming world and Brianna wu who claimed to receive threats from "Gamergate". Being this the first coverage of gamergate by mainstream media [293]

14 Oct 2014

  • Erik Kain, Frederick Brennan (AKA "Hotwheels"), and Brianna Wu attend a Huffington Live Post segment. Zoe Quinn was originally scheduled to appear, but she canceled her appearance on the show after finding out that she would be speaking alongside the founder of 8Chan.[294]
  • Erik Kain and Brianna Wu appear on a BBC world service podcast(Gamergate segment starts at 16:50). Kain describes conflict of interest problems in the gaming industry while Brianna insists that Gamergate is all about sexism.
  • Fredrick Brennan, AKA Hotwheels, conducts an AMA on KotakuInAction.
  • Wikileaks tweets encouragement for GamerGate and states that media corruption goes up to the top with the BBC and Google. @wikileaks #GamerGate So you found out your media is corrupt. It is. Now go all the way to the top
  • NicheGamer releases an article of an interview conducted with two anonymous developers "of iconic pedigree" who support GamerGate.[295]

15 Oct 2014

  • Jennie Bharaj, Georgina Young and Jemma Morgan attend a Huffington Live Post segment where they provided perspective on GamerGate from the perspective of three pro-gamer women.
  • The New Statesman publishes an article on the deployment of twitterbots to waste the time of misogynist GamerGaters.[296]
  • CNN interviews Kotaku writer Evan Narcisse which says #gamergate refers to debates of the definition of video games the gamer indentity and blames threats against Anita Sarkeesian to #Gamergate [297]
  • Richard Quest from CNN Interviews Brianna Wu on the death threats she claimed has received form #GamerGate[298]
  • The official Raspberry Pi twitter account endorses the #StopGamerGate2014 hashtag.[299]

16 Oct 2014

  • Gawker Writer Sam Biddle tweets that "#GamerGate is reaffirming what we've known to be true for decades: nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission."[300] Biddle later brags that Gawker Senior Editor Max Read gave him a raise for his comment.[301]

17 Oct 2014

  • Mercedes Benz confirms that that they would pull advertising from Gawker after hearing about comments from Gawker writer Sam Biddle regarding bullying.[302]
  • Bonobos confirmed that they no longer advertise with Gawker despite being listed as a partner at their site.[303]

18 Oct 2014

  • William Usher, one of the leakers of the GameJournosPro list, publishes evidence that members of the GameJournoPro group conspired to fire and blacklist then-Destructoid writer Allistar Pinsof after Pinsof warned consumers about corruption in an IndieGoGo campaign.[304]

19 Oct 2014

  • Kotakuinaction mods post evidence that the subreddit is being brigaded by gamerghazi and subredditdrama.[305] Reddit admin Ocrasorm states that they are dealing with the users now.[306]
  • Totalbiscuit tweets that moderators deleted a thread on /r/games with over 600 comments criticizing Polygon's coverage of Hatred. He also tweets that popular, active threads seem to vanish at random and that a reasonable post criticising Youtubers for lack of disclosure was replied to by several YTers and deleted shortly afterwards.[307]

20 Oct 2014

  • BMW pulls advertising support from Gawker.[308]
  • Piemonkey, a moderator for r/games, claims that nobody submitted any news articles on the GameJournoPros leaks and that the moderators only removed "opinion pieces" from the subreddit.[309]

22 Oct 2014

  • Olympus withdraws advertising support from Gawker.[310]
  • Nissan suspends advertising ties with Gawker.[311]
  • Max Read, editor in chief of Gawker, publishes an article in which he calls GamerGate "dishonest fascists," calls Intel "craven idiots" and "pusillanimous morons," and states that he is not apologetic for Sam Biddle's Bring Back Bullying comments.[312]
  • Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, publishes a blog entry[313] on how he was smeared by Kotaku after he was hit with false sexual harassment charges

23 Oct 2014

  • Jonathan Blow, designer of Braid and The Witness and partner in IndieFund tweets about blacklisting in the gaming industry.[314]
  • Youtube personality Sargon of Akkad creates a video illustrating Gamasutra writer Leigh Alexander's lack of ethics in game journalism.[315]

24 Oct 2014

  • Digiday, a news site for advertising/PR professionals, runs an article in which EA spokesperson John Reseburg states that EA has pulled advertising from Gawker. The article also indicates that Discover has also ceased advertising with Gawker, but does not provide a source.[316]
  • @idlediletante, an associate of Zoe Quinn, files a false police report with the LAPD against Mike Cernovich.[317] Cernovich leaves his house to avoid potentially getting SWATed and tweets that he will pursue legal action against @idlediletante.[318]
  • KingofPol tweets that he was doxxed and sent a knife in the mail.[319]
  • Game design consultant Ernest Adams, founder of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), threatens pro-GamerGate indie developers, stating "If you're an indie developer and you are supporting #GamerGate, watch what you say. Your future business is at stake."[320] Shortly afterwards, the official IGDA twitter distanced themselves from Adams, stating "though @ErnestWAdams founded IGDA 20 yrs ago, [he] has not been involved for 15+ yrs".[321]
  • Allistair Pinsof (formerly fired from Destructoid after a secret GamesJournoPros discussion) tweets that the moderators at /r/Games turned down an offer for him to conduct an AMA there.[322]
  • General Motors responds to emails, stating bullying of any kind should not be tolerated. GM continued to state that they do not have any sponsorships with Gawker Media nor do they conduct business or have any plans for the future. Any GM brand ads seen on Gawker would have been purchased through a network based on reaching a targeted audience.[323]
  • Colgate pulls ads from Gawker.[324]
  • Jason Schreier of Kotaku admits his involvement in "GamesJournoPros" on Twitter.[325]
  • The Yellow Box blog runs a two part article describing #gamergate and the ensuing site boycott as a "business and advertising nightmare: part mixture of wasted ad budgets, part wasted time, and part wasted energy" and mentions that gaming publications were previously viewed as safe bets for marketing and advertising money, but that no longer seems to be the case.[326]

25 Oct 2014

  • The GamerGate Wikipedia article is unblocked for editing. Edits of the article spike, though, the "The neutrality of this article is disputed" tag remains. As of 27 Oct 2014, WikiProject Feminism has GamerGate listed as their #1 hot article with 329 edits in the last 3 days.[327]
  • Allistair Pinsof conducts an AMA on reddit.
  • Ernest Adams Tweets confirm blacklisting is happening in the gaming industry.[328]
  • Dale North, Editor In Chief of Destructoid, announces his resignation on Tumblr.[329][330]
  • Robert Ohlen, CEO of Dreamhack, is forced to step down as CEO.[331]

26 Oct 2014

27 Oct 2014

  • KingofPol tweets that someone falsely claimed he was suicidal on a 911 call and had emergency services sent to his house.[333]
  • David Pakman interviews Brianna Wu to discuss #Gamergate and the threats against her; Brianna ends up accusing David of conducting a hit piece interview.[334]

28 Oct 2014

  • Kelloggs stops advertising with Gawker.[335]
  • David Auerbach publishes an article urging the gaming press to end GamerGate by address existing ethical problems in the gaming industry.[336]
  • Jimmy Wales posts on a Wikipedia talk page that collusion exists in the gaming journalism industry after he viewed information on GameJournoPros. "Having looked at the leaked emails, I would say that the allegations of collusion are largely and obviously true. So there's not really any justification for us to go further than "denied".--Jimbo Wales (talk) 13:39, 28 October 2014 (UTC)"[337]
  • David Pakman interviews Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos to give his side of the story with regard to an interview with Brianna Wu that never took place, and to give his view on #gamergate.[338]

29 Oct 2014

  • The original doxxing of TFYC is linked to a writer named Jonathan Ross. Ross was found to have used the alias "Aerox47" on Destructoid and Twitter. Zoe Quinn + Maya Kramer had retweeted the original doxx, but were not otherwise connected. When questioned, the owner of Destructoid, Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez, stated that “Ross was never an employee, just a smart guy from our community who pointed out typos. He was active a long time ago, maybe 5 years ago." However, Aerox’s profile on Destructoid indicated he was active as recently as November 2013.[339]
  • David Pakman interviews Pro-gg and gamer Jennie Bharaj to discuss her views on the issues of video game journalistic corruption, fraud, and more.[340]

30 Oct 2014

  • Mother Jones editor Ben Dreyfuss tweets that "it would be funny to play pinata with the bodies of white straight men who hung themselves" while talking about #gamergate.[341]
  • David Pakman interviews Gaming comentator and critic John Bain aka TotalBiscuit to discuss #GamerGate, Journalistic ethics, harassment, gifts, bribes and more.[342]

31 Oct 2014

  • Mozilla's The Open Standard publishes a opinion piece criticizing GamerGate.[343]

November 2014

3 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla's The Open Standard calls for someone to write a rebuttal pro-GamerGate article.[344]

4 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla's The Open Standard publishes a pro-GamerGate rebuttal piece written by Georgina Young.[345]
  • IGF judge Mattie Brice tweets "judging IGF games now, and automatically rating low any games with men in them. loving all this power."[346]
  • William Usher from Cinemablend reveals that Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra), Patrick Klepek (Giant Bomb), Matt Clark (IGN), and Russ Pitts (Polygon) were all members of the GameJournoPros mailing list.[347] These four individuals were not included in Milo Yiannopoulos's original GameJournoPros expose.
  • David Pakman discusses with 'nerd culture blogger' Arthur Chu about #Gamergate and #Tweetlikenotyourshield.[348]

5 Nov 2014

  • Mozilla apologizes to their readers, stating that a controversial topic like GamerGate did not fit with the intent of The Open Standard. Mozilla proceeds to remove both the pro and anti GamerGate articles from The Open Standard.[349]
  • David Pakman interviews 8chan.co's Admin Fredderick Brennan aka Hotwheels/Copypaste who denounces Brianna Wu's Doxing and Harassment [350]

6 Nov 2014

  • Scrivener states they have not had a relationship with Gawker since June 2014 and do not intend to start a new relationship in light of the Gawker bullying comments.[351]
  • David Pakman discusses #gamergate with Liana Kerzner, Canadian cosplayer, sex-positive feminist and video game writer.[352]

7 Nov 2014

  • Dyson pulls advertising from Gawker.[353]
  • David Pakman interviews Matthew Rappard from The Fine Young Capitalists to discuss their involvement in #gamergate and details surrounding the doxxing of Zoe Quinn.[354]
  • TechRaptor interviews gaming journalist Liana K, who discusses the counteractive impact of polarizing feminist figures in #GamerGate.[355]

9 Nov 2014

  • Mattie Brice asks to be removed from the IGF judge position after the IGF contacted her with concerns that she would make biased judgments on games.[356]
  • William Usher posts a GameJournoPros email from May 2013 in which Brandon Boyer, the chairman of the IGF, sent out invites for the Horizon game conference to members of the mailing list. Kyle Orland, senior gaming editor of Ars Technica, responds by stating "The benefits of your GJP memberhip just keep growing. JOIN TODAY!"[357]

10 Nov 2014

  • The IGF publishes an apology to Mattie Brice, saying that her comment to "automatically rating low any games with men in them. loving all this power" was made in jest. They then state that they would welcome Mattie Brice if she chose to return to a judge position with the IGF.[358]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos's @nero account is suspended on twitter causing him to temporarily switch to alternate account @Caligula.[359]
  • David Pakman publishes a video of his opinion of GamerGate.

11 Nov 2014

  • Milo Yiannopoulos's @nero account is restored on twitter.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos has a dead animal sent to his home.[360]
  • William Usher reveals a GameJournoPros email sent by Ben Kuchera which showed that despite claims that he was harassed for talking about ethics, as of 7 Sep 2014, Kuchera admitted that he had "yet to receive a single message from an actual reader about any of this" and that he was "not convinced the people who play games or read our sites care."[361]
  • TheRalphRetort releases an article pointing out IGDA's affiliated researchers illegaly distributed an article of his.[362]
  • Giffgaff pulls advertising from Gawker.[363]

13 Nov 2014

  • Jennie Bharaj launches an indiegogo campaign for basedgamer.com. Basedgamer.com intends to be a gaming review site which operates similarly to rottentomatoes.com.[364]
  • Jimmy Wales asks Tarc to step back from editing the GamerGate wikipedia entry after Tarc claimed that slate.com writer David Auerbach said that victims of harassment were responsible for the harassment they received. Wales then recommends that Tarc be topic banned if he did not step back voluntarily.[365]
  • The Gamergate Dossier is released to the public.[366]

14 Nov 2014

  • Gamasutra tweets "Yes, @Intel reinstated ads on Gamasutra. Yes, it's a paid campaign. No, it's not an ad service. Thanks for reading!"[367] Analysis of Gamasutra.com's source code indicates that all intel ads are currently provided via google.[368] Later in the day, the Telegraph cited Intel PR confirming resumption of ads on Gamasutra.[369]
  • GamerGate Supporter Roguestar repeatedly has his account banned on twitter.[370] As of 17 Nov 2014, Roguestar's twitter is still suspended. Suspect abuse of twitters reporting system.
  • The CBC runs a hitpiece on GamerGate in which Milo Yiannopoulos and David Pakman are implied to have been involved in harassing women.[371] CBC writer John Bowman later states on twitter that "The fact is 'ethics in video game journalism' is not a topic of interest to a broad radio or online audience" but that "The harassment of women in technology is of wide interest."[372]
  • David Pakman releases a video talking about how CBC labels him as a "Harrasser of Women" for doing GamerGate interviews.[373]

16 Nov 2014

  • Jimmy Wales asks Ryulóng to step away from the GamerGate Wikipedia entry due to his animosity towards David Auerbach.[374]
  • GamerGate supporter Margeret Gel tweets that she was SWATed.[375]

17 Nov 2014

  • Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard,[376] tweets that someone should turn the GamerGate blocker into an employment blacklist.[377]
  • GamerGate supporter Mikie the Gengstar tweets that someone called 911 and had the police sent to his house under false pretenses.[378]
  • Solution6 ARG begins with the uploading of two YouTube videos containing embedded images hidden in the audio feed.
  • NicheGamer releases an article of a second interview conducted with the anonymous Xbox developer.[379]

18 Nov 2014

  • Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard apologizes for his earlier tweets on blacklisting GamerGate supporters from the video games industry.[380]

19 Nov 2014

  • Mike Cernovich interviews Geordie Tait, an outspoken detractor of GamerGate, live on his YouTube channel.[381]

20 Nov 2014

  • William Usher releases an article titled "#GamerGate: Ben Kuchera And The Life And Nepotism Of Game Journo Pros".[382]

21 Nov 2014

  • The Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA), releases a page on how to deal with online harassment. The resource includes a link to the anti-gamergate twitter blocklist bot created by Randi Harper and describes individuals on it as "some of the worst offenders in the recent wave of harassment." [383] The list automatically blocks anyone who has followed @Nero, @PlayDangerously, @RogueStarGamez, @TheRalphRetort, @_icze4r, @RealVivianJames, or @CHOBITCOIN, and does not analyze any content of user tweets for harassment.[384] Blocked twitter accounts include Roberto Rosario chairperson of IGDA Puerto Rico. Rosario tweets for the IGDA to remove him from the list or he will submit his resignation next Tuesday (25 Nov 2014).[385]

22 Nov 2014

  • The IGDA backpedals and takes down the link to the anti-gamergate twitter blocklist. In a private email to an anonymous indie dev, the IGDA stated that the list had nothing to do with the IGDA, and that the dev would need to take up the issue with the tool's developer to get their name removed.[386][387] However, the LinkedIn profile and Facebook posts from Donna Prior and WIG, the IGDA’s “Women in Games” division, indicate that the IGDA has a greater role in the twitter blocklist than they are currently claiming.[388]
  • Breitbart publishes on article about the IGDA controversy which includes statements from developers.[389]
  • GamesNosh publishes a satire article ridiculing the inclusion of KFC in the ggautoblocker as well as IGDA's endorsment of it.[390]
  • IGDA announces they removed links and references to ggautoblocker.[391][392]

23 Nov 2014

  • freebsdgirl (Randi Harper) creator of ggautoblocker, publicly released the email address and name to her twitter followers of a GamerGate supporter that contacted FreeBSD, the non-profit software organizaton she regularly contributes to.[393][394][395][396] She later removed this information after denying doxxing allegations due to claims of the email being posted on a public mailing list.[397][398] These claims are incorrect however, as FreeBSD's marketing email (marketing@freebsd) does not appear on any public mailing lists.[399] freebsdgirl's email address also does not appear on FreeBSD's administration page.[400] By releasing this information, freebsdgirl has violated FreeBSD's privacy policy.[401]

24 Nov 2014

  • Game developer Michael Massey resigns from IGDA due to its endorsment of the ggautoblocker.[402][403]
  • TechRaptor releases an article of various game developers reactions towards the IGDA controversy.[404]
  • Breitbart releases an article in which it lists IGDA's past and latest action that have destroyed it's reputation as a honest organization.[405]
  • David Pakman releases a video with his reaction and thoughts on having one of his twitter accounts being put on the ggautoblocker blocklist.[406]

25 Nov 2014

  • David Pakman releases a video update on the situation of him being put on the ggautoblocker list.[407]
  • The Raspberry Pi twitter account is found to be using ggautoblocker. One of the people who found themselves blocked is Roberto Rosario, chairman of IGDA Puerto Rico.[408][409]
  • Youtube channel Bro Team Pill releases a video in which they interview a game developer who sympathizes with GamerGate.[410]

26 Nov 2014

  • TechRaptor apologizes for making mistakes on the "Twitter Blocklist of over 10,000 Accounts causes Trouble for more than just Gamers and Developers" article and adds a disclaimer at the bottom.[411]
  • Georgina Young writes an apology to Techraptor's readers for the mistakes made in her latest article and explains she also had to change the mention of Christina Hoff Sommers as a feminist scholar to "Factual Feminists" (Her youtube channel's name) to stop the uproar from Third wave feminists that didn't recognize her as one despite her having a PhD from Brandeis University and written several books on feminism.[412]

27 Nov 2014

  • Techraptor makes an article about FTC forcing Gawker and Kotaku to disclose affiliate links. Later that day the author writes an update on the bottom of the article to clarify that this order from FTC only refers to Kotaku.[413]

28 Nov 2014

  • The Australia Culture Blog of The Guardian's website published an article of an interview conducted with Alanah Pearce, a video games journalist. In the interview she reveals that she is receiving harassment and various threats from young boys, the interviewer writes in the article that Pearce "believes the harassment she’s been receiving is directly related to Gamergate controversy".[414] After this article was released Rawstory published an article titled "Gamergate victim strikes back at male stalkers with a brilliant new ploy: Telling their moms".[415] After GamerGate supporters brought this article to her attention she tweeted, "Yeah, I'm not comfortable suggesting that this is related to GG. There's no indication of that." [416] The "GamerGate" in the headline was replaced with "game reviewer" and the article was updated to include the quote from twitter. An editors note was left saying she "previously said that Gamergate activists were behind her harassment, but then told the Guardian that she changed her mind about that". In the following days many other articles were written blaming the harassment she received on GamerGate.[417]

29 Nov 2014

  • William Usher publishes an article titled "#GamerGate: ‘Your Check – From A Publisher – Is In The Mail’ States GJP Thread".[418]
  • TechRaptor publishes an interview conducted with Jennifer Dawe, an Indie Developer and GamerGate supporter.[419]
  • TechRaptor publishes an article about Wikipedia's involvement with GamerGate titled "Wikipedia Attempts to Redeem Neutrality Over GamerGate Article".[420]

December 2014

1 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer releases another article of an interview conducted with Xbro, an Xbox game developer. This interview was on the subject of IGDA and blacklists.[421]
  • TechRaptor published an article about David S. Gallant an indie developer, David S. Gallant decided not to give steam keys to GamerGate supporters who had previously bought his game "I Get This Call Every Day".[422]
  • William Usher releases an article about John T. Drake a former press representative for Harmonix and current director of portfolio strategy at PlayStation who was in a relationship with Andrea Rene, a freelancer and former contributor to the Escapist, while doing preview for Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved. There were no disclosures of this fact or any acknowledgments during the time the preview was published.

2 Dec 2014

  • Brad Wardell writes an entry in his blog showing disapproval of Zoe Quinn's call to blacklist an illustrator who drew a comic she found offensive, due to this the opposition of GamerGate started a boycotting campaign against Brad's company Stardock.[423][424]

3 Dec 2014

  • Techraptor's Georgina Young interviews William O’Neal, a Journalist who was a member of GameJournoPros, about his famous phrase and his depiction of the private google mailing list.[425]
  • William Usher publishes an article about Desura's stance on David S. Gallant's actions as well as their policies, they also revealed that David removed his game from Desura. David claimed that Desura's "social media representative acted in an unprofessional manner" towards him, so therefore he decided to pull his game.[426]
  • William Usher releases an update on the David Gallant situation, the update reveals that David is unable to withold steam keys from being given to specific accounts. Due to this David abandons his plan of withholding steam keys from GamerGate supporters who had originally bought his game.[427]
  • An article on The Amherst Student, a college student newspaper, was released by William Harvey. Its tone is fairly neutral, and seriously talked about both the perceived harassment and corruption both sides present. At this time, the article appears to have been removed, though an archive can be found here.
  • Target Australia pulls GTA5 from shelves. The decision is attributed to an online petition that claimed that the game encouraged players to “commit sexual violence and kill women.”[428] Shortly afterwards, Kmart Australia announces that they're pulling GTA5 as well.[429]

4 Dec 2014

  • Techraptor covers the story of Devi Ever, a game developer that used the money of her kickstarter to donate to a non-profit instead of paying back her backers their refunds for her failed project.[430]
  • Nichegamer interviews developer Christian Allen, who worked on AAA games including Halo: Reach, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Ghost Recon. Allen criticizes the current state of game journalism and states that "I have personally sat in negotiations where a publisher negotiated a higher review score for a game in exchange for an exclusive cover or assets for a separate upcoming game. It is common, especially with previews. This is why you often see glowing previews of bad games, or pre-release reviews that have to be revised post-launch." [431]
  • Kotaku publishes an op-ed defending Target's decision to remove GTA5. The article attacked Grand Theft Auto‘s for portraying women as "‘prostitutes’ or wailing, nagging buffoons" and stated that "the petition was the work of women with serious, sincere concerns." [432] Ben Kuchera of Polygon [433] and Kyle Orland of Ars Technica [434] express similar sentiments, claiming that refusing to sell GTA5 was not censorship.
  • Totalbiscuit tweets "When you see games media sites celebrating the censorship of a videogame, you know they've forgotten what it means to be proconsumer." [435] PennyArcade also criticizes the decision, publishing a strip comparing the removal of GTA5 to bookburning [436]

5 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer publishes an article in which Xbro responds to a facebook post by Sela Davis a software engineer at Xbox Live.[437][438]
  • William Usher publishes an article about CBC's executive producer's acknowledging the media slant against Gamergate.[439]
  • APGNation publishes an article of an interview conducted with Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers about Gaming and GamerGate.[440]

7 Dec 2014

  • Destructoid writes an article, talking about AbleGamers refusing to receive money from Mercedes Carrera's charity porn stream due to it's links to #Gamergate. AbleGamers claims they were DDoSed shortly afterwards. Although AbleGamers didn't name a culprit, Destructoid draws the conclusion that #GamerGate DDOSed AbleGamers.[441]
  • TheRalphRetort releases an article in which an individual pinged the IP address for AbleGamers' webserver during the supposed DDOS attack and received a ping response time of 139ms which indicates that there was no DDOS on AbleGamers. TheRalphRetort hypothesizes that AbleGamers received a spike in normal traffic which was mistaken for a DDOS.[442]
  • Techraptor interviews Mercedes Carrera and Mark Barlett, founder of AbleGamers. Mark confirms that AbleGamers was not the target of a DDoS attack that their network issues were caused by normal increased traffic.[443]

11 Dec 2014

  • NicheGamer interviews Adrian Chmielarz, the Co-owner/Creative Director of The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), and the former Co-owner/Creative Director at People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm).[444]
  • Breitbart releases an article about GamerGate's Anti-Bullying Campaign and how it cost Gawker over a million dollars.[445]

13 Dec 2014

15 Dec 2014

  • Breitbart journalist, Milo Yiannopuolos, Announces he is putting on hold his current book:'The Sociopaths of Silicon Valley' to write one about #GamerGate to which he refers as the biggest internet storm in a decade.[448]
  • Hatred, An indie game which prominently features extremely violent behavior, is pulled from Steam Greenlight, reportedly for being 'too offensive' to be supported by the service.[449]

17 Dec 2014

  • After heavy backlash and criticism from consumers, Hatred is reinstated on Steam Greenlight, along with a personal comment from Gabe Newell about the removal
  • More Gamejournopro emails are leaked, revealing that a circle of journalists lead by Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb conspired to blacklist developer Kevin Dent from receiving any interviews or media attention.[450]
  • Jimmy Wales defends the deletion of the GamerGate.Wikia.com's "Wikipedia" article.[451][452]

18 Dec 2014

  • An anonymous Redditor publishes a private e-mail from Jimbo that reveals Jimbo's strong feelings on GamerGate. Jimbo called people who investigate corruption in journalism and publish their findings online "vicious assholes" and questioned the decentralized, leaderless approach of GamerGate.[453]

19 Dec 2014

  • William Usher continues the story about the blacklisting/boycott of Kevin Dent which was done by GameJournosPro. This Boycott/Blacklisting may have breached AntiTrust laws, something that can be reported to the FTC.[454]
  • CrimeandFederalism.com releases an article in which it shows with evidence how Margaret Pless and Zoe Quinn doxed the lawyer Mike Cernovich, filled false police reports against him and put his live in danger by trying to get him swatted for showing support to the ideals of #GamerGate.[455]

29 Dec 2014

  • William Usher releases an article critical of the Dec. 28th state of Wikipedia's article on the Gamergate controversy. He also sends a selection of GameJournoPros e-mails to Jimmy Wales.[456]

30 Dec 2014

  • GameJournoPros member Patrick Klepek leaves Giantbomb for Kotaku [457]

January 2015

2 Jan 2015

Spiked names "the GamerGate rebels" as one of its top people of 2014 for engaging in "a real, moral war for their right to play what they want."[458]

3 Jan 2015

  • French-language outlet Le Monde runs a blog by journalist Hubert Guillaud calling GamerGate an antifeminist movement and calling for the rejection of a geek culture that is "against women, the unfortunate, minorities, equality and democracy."[459]

5 Jan 2015

  • Rawstory runs an article accusing "GamerGate supporters" of attempting to SWAT Devi Ever.[460]
  • Gawker also runs an article claiming that "8channers" attempted to SWAT Devi Ever.[461]
  • Slate publishes an article penned by Jenn Frank calling GamerGate a reactionary movement opposed to greater inclusivity in the gaming industry.[462]
  • Based on Nothing mentions GamerGate in its 2014 gaming retrospective as "a bevy of gaming sexists and misogynists."[463]
  • William Usher releases an article addressing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ombudsman's response to complaints over its October 2014 coverage of GamerGate.[464]
  • Forbes contributor Dave Thier posts an article declaring GamerGate gone and forgotten while characterizing it as "a movement born out of disproven claims originating from a jilted ex-boyfriend’s blog post."[465]

6 Jan 2015

  • At the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel announces a Diversity in Technology initiative. Among its listed partners are the International Game Developers Association and Feminist Frequency, two noted anti-GamerGate organizations.[466]
  • VentureBeat posts an article on the Intel initiative, claiming that Intel's apparent support of GamerGate had been one of the company's biggest recent gaffes.[467]
  • The Verge posts an article on the Intel initiative, stating that "Intel opposes GamerGate." [468]
  • Polygon posts an article on the Intel initiative referring to GamerGate as a harassment campaign.[469]
  • As a response to Intel's inclusion of Feminist Frequency, GamerGate supporters began posting under the hashtag #IntelSupports.[470] Posts include images of Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh's most offensive and anti-capitalist tweets, visualizing the implicit support that Intel gives these positions by associating with Feminist Frequency.[471]

7 Jan 2015

  • A massive and sustained DDOS attack targets 8chan, obstructing access to the entire 2ch imageboard network for over 8 hours.[472]
  • Rock Paper Shotgun runs an article about Intel's initiative, characterizing Operation Disrespectful Nod as "a letter-writing campaign objecting to pro-diversity editorials."[473]
  • Vocativ runs an article on adult entertainer Princess Kora and GamerGate, calling the former a profiteer and the latter a controversy full of "terror threats by chauvinistic trolls."[474]

8 Jan 2015

  • Engadget UK runs an article on Intel's initiative claiming that the initiative is a response to GamerGate and painting GamerGate as a harassment movement targeting women.[475]
  • William Usher posts an article detailing IGN's newly-updated Standards and Practices page.[476]
  • Badass Digest runs an article on Intel's initiative, calling GamerGate "Internet assholes" and painting Intel as making "serious commitments to burying said assholes."[477]
  • ITNews runs an article on an Electronic Frontier Foundation blog about digital harassment. ITNews characterizes GamerGate as "the bullying a woman in game development," says that GamerGate has made "credible death threats," and endorses the GGAutoblocker list.[478][479]

9 Jan 2015

  • Livechan suffers either overload or DDoS attack.
  • In an article covering the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag, CNN Money refers to GamerGate as "online drama about video game journalism that morphed into sexist attacks on women"[480].

11 Jan 2015

  • The Guardian runs a "brief history" of GamerGate, explaining the scandal as "an army of internet dwellers" seizing an "opportunity to police a woman’s sexual behaviour."[481]

12 Jan 2015

  • Gamergate supporter lizzyf620 posts an article [482] on Buzzfeed detailing her view of gamergate as a gamergate supporter. The article is deleted within 24 hours.[483] Engadget editor/GameJournoPros member Ben Gilbert defended Buzzfeed, claiming that the article was "inflammatory and inaccurate" in a twitter argument with CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell.[484] Wardell reposts the article to his personal blog.[485] The article is restored to Buzzfeed shortly afterwards.

13 Jan 2015

  • Rawstory runs an article accusing GamerGate supporters of attempting to SWAT web developer Israel Galvez, calling him a "prominent opponent of GamerGate."[486]
  • Gracy Lynn swatter revealed to have connections to GNAA and LizardSquad.[487].
  • The Washington Post runs an article primarily on 8chan, but takes the time to call GamerGate a "terrible thing" and accusing supporters of "a number of campaigns against female journalists and videogame makers."[488]
  • Badass Digest runs an article on 8chan and GamerGate, calling GamerGate supporters and 8chan users "a domestic terrorist group."[489]

14 Jan 2015

  • PC Gamer runs an article denouncing the use of the term "glorious PC gaming master race" and claims that it "isn’t a joke worth keeping around at the expense of making people uncomfortable." [490]
  • ABC news runs an interview with Anita Sarkeesian.[491] Shortly after the video is posted, ABC News starts deleting the top pro-gamergate comments from youtube [492]
  • Neirdan publishes "the GamerGate Council exposed" on his Triscales blog in an effort to discredit both the /gamergate/ board on 8chan as well as Gamergate.me and the upcoming StartButton website. When asked for evidence of co-option on twitter, he cited the removal of Operation UV from the Main Page for 2 weeks in December, after the FTC had already begun looking into Gawker while Operation Disrespectful Nod and Operation Baby Seal covered and went beyond the "second half" of OpUV.[493][494] See also: Solution6

15 Jan 2015

  • William Usher runs an article on Tyler Wilde, author of the PC Gamer master race article, revealing that Wilde maintained close personal relationships with employees of Ubisoft and Capcom, but wrote about their products without disclosing his potential conflict of interest to readers.[495]
  • PC Gamer deletes Tyler Wilde's articles covering Ubisoft games.[496][497]
  • NeoGAF bans the term "PC Gamer Master Race" and claims that the phrase hasn't been welcome on NeoGAF for a while [498]

16 Jan 2015

  • PC Gamer apologizes for the perceived ethical breaches of Tyler Wilde for Ubisoft Games, they moved forward by removing him from future Ubisoft coverage and stating "In any situation in which the writer was still required to comment on the subject, full disclosure will be provided in the article."[499] No comments on making an Ethics Policy public outside of the Review Guide were made, however they did mention they would disclose affiliate links in the future, and would fix any missed ones that people find.

18 Jan 2015

  • William Usher publishes an article describing how N4G refused to run a story about conflicts of interest at PC gamer and claimed that it was not gaming related.[500]

19 Jan 2015

  • The Guardian publishes an article on the Crash Override Network, accusing GamerGate of attempting to SWAT Israel Galvez and crediting the CON with ensuring Galvez's safety.[501]
  • The Guardian also publishes an article on the topic of cultural Marxism, comparing GamerGate with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.[502]

20 Jan 2015

  • Wired publishes an article on the Crash Override Network, claiming that GamerGate made Zoe Quinn "a target for angry videogame fans opposed to the diversification of gaming culture," and that "Quinn still experiences daily harassment."[503]

21 Jan 2015

  • MCV runs an article as a right-leaning hate movement that fell under its "need to keep concocting conspiracies that were increasingly far-fetched."[504]
  • The Guardian runs an interview with Rami Ismail where it claims that "The Gamergate controversy, which kicked off last August, is a sort of leaderless online protest against suspected cronyism and corruption in games journalism, but its 'enemies' are often progressive industry figures who are suspected of wanting to censor and re-shape the medium." [505]
  • Greg Tito and an unspecified number of employees are laid off from the Escapist Magazine. Tito cites budget cuts from Defy media as the cause of the layoffs.[506]
  • The BBC runs an article on the Crash Override Network calling Zoe Quinn a "GamerGate abuse target."[507]
  • The Telegraph runs an article on the Crash Override Network claiming, among other things, that "the #Gamergate hashtag was used by video games fans around the world to troll Quinn and other female games critics in the industry."[508]
  • The Mirror runs an article on GamerGate calling it an "amorphous mass of angry people insisting it is all about ethics while harassing and doxxing prominent women in the games industry."[509]
  • William Usher posts an interview with an anonymous AAA game developer, in which the developer calls GamerGate "one of the best things to happen to the industry since Dark Souls got a PC port."[510]
  • Prominent female GamerGate supporter Lizzy F (@lizzyf620) is doxxed by an anonymous poster on the 8chan board /baphomet/[511] and permanently shuts down all of her pro-GG social media accounts as a result.[512] /baphomet/ immediately rejects the poster for attempting to use them as a "personal army", with the poster suspected of being a third-party troll due to the IP having only made 4 posts on the board, all within the thread. The thread is promptly deleted and the user who posted the dox is banned. Several groups, including @TheFartRises and /baphomet/ itself, work to find who is responsible for posting the dox.
  • Authoritarians make a petition to remove Adam Baldwin from the Supernova Pop Culture Expo falsely claiming he has been involved in numerous instances of harassment and abuse towards women by supporting #Gamergate.[513]

22 Jan 2015

  • In response to the petition made a day before to remove Adam Baldwin from the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. A petition is made to support his assistance.[514]

23 Jan 2015

  • Ben Kuchera admits to taking work from another source without providing a citation.[515]
  • The Guardian publishes an article about Wikipedia, claiming it banned five editors from gender-related articles as result of the gamergate controversy.[516]
  • David Auerbach called out The Guardian's innacurate reporting.[517]

24 Jan 2015

  • TheMarySue publishes an innacurate article about Wikipedia banning five feminist editors due to the Gamergate Arbcom.[518]

25 Jan 2015

  • ShortFatOtaku gets all clear to show the videos about IndieCade and IFG again.[519]
  • Hacker's botnet was found to be responsible for doxxing and hacking both those for and against GamerGate. [520]

28 Jan 2015

  • While at a panel at MAGFest, James Portnow libels Totalbiscuit by claiming he's a leader of gamergate who took $20,000 to endorse Guns of Icarus. Portnow continued by claiming that gamergate is the "last dying screams of people who are leaving power" and compared gamergate to the KKK.[521] Totalbiscuit refutes Portnow's accusations and comments "I am extremely disappointed in James poorly researched argument. I expect better of him and the Extra Creditz team. It's another knife in the back from a person that we assisted and promoted in the past and at this point thats ceasing to become a surprise every time it happens." [522]

29 Jan 2015

  • Wikipedia Arbcom topic bans 11 editors from GamerGate, GamerGate-related, and gender/feminism-related wikipedia entries, including Ryulong, Tarc, NorthBySouthBaranof, The Devil’s Advocate, Tutelary, ArmyLine, DungeonSiegeAddict510, and Xander756, Titanium Dragon, Loganmac and Willhesucceed.[523]

30 Jan 2015

  • The board of the Puerto Rico IGDA unanimously votes to close the chapter.[524]
  • The Guardian runs an article titled "When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?" The focus of the article is on Anita Sarkeesian, but GamerGate is tangentially mentioned.[525]
  • Mother Jones runs an article on Men's Rights Advocates, mentioning GamerGate as "mobs who bombard feminist critics with rape and death threats." [526]
  • The Telegraph runs an article on Zoe Quinn claiming that GamerGate was used by fans of video games to pile "horrific" abuse on feminist games critics.[527]
  • Gaming media site Joystiq ceases operations.[528]

31 Jan 2015

  • Breitbart.com releases an article written by Sabrina Lianne in which she addresses the bigotry Graham Linehan displayed towards "pro-Gamergate" individuals, especially pro-Gamergate women.[529]

February 2015

1 Feb 2015

  • #Pizzagate hashtag is created.

2 Feb 2015

  • Matthew Hopkins News (TheWitchFinderGeneral.com) reviews Depression Quest, giving the game only 27% and provoking Zoe Quinn into changing her Twitter screen name to 'found witch'[530]. Matthew Hopkins is the pen name of Sam Smith, an activist and law student who has been praised in the UK Parliament for representing vulnerable women[531]. Smith, via his Twitter account @MHWitchfinder indicates he is pursuing further stories about Anita Sarkeesian and Sam F Biddle of Gawker.

4 Feb 2015

  • TechRaptor publishes the first two portions of an interview they conducted with Allistair Pinsof, who was the subject of GameJournoPros blacklisting after he was fired from Destructoid. In his interview, Pinsof states that he decided to come out into the open after being blocked by IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer on twitter. Pinsof then described how Boyer used his personal connections in order to help a friend win the 2011 Fantastic Arcade Best of Show Award for Faraway. Pinsof also talked about how developer Shawn McGrath and artist Jason Degroot were not properly credited or compensated for work on Fez and how McGrath was libeled in Indie Game: The Movie.[532][533]
  • GiantBomb forum moderators censors links to Allistair Pinsof's Techraptor interviews and locks the thread from being discussed.[534][535]
  • r/KotakuInAction users report that moderators on the r/Games and r/gaming subreddits are banning all discussion of Allistair Pinsof's TechRaptor interview.[536]

5 Feb 2015

  • Slate.com releases an article by David Auerbach about how Wikipedia's flawed system led to The Guardian's article spreading false information about feminist editors being banned from Wikipedia to be accepted as truth due to their rule of taking "reliable sources"'s words as definite truth[537]
  • TechRaptor releases the third and final portion of their interview with Allistair Pinsof in which he talks about his thoughts on GamerGate and the circumstances in which he was fired from Destructoid. [538]
  • Anti-GG Game Developer Alec Holowka tweets "I remember getting pulled aside by Shawn McGrath randomly at some GDC to be told that Phil ripped Fez off him." [539] Less than ten minutes after posting his tweet, Holowka backpedaled, deleted his tweet, claimed that "it was just a funny/weird moment for me personally," [540] and accused GamerGate of harassing him [541]

6 Feb 2015

  • The Anti-Defamation League tries to push Feminist Frequency anti-gaming course material into Common Core. [542]
  • William Usher writes an article about Kotaku's piece attempting to debunk Alistair Pinsof accussations against brandon Boyer and IGF.[543]
  • Reddit user and Mod of /r/KotakuInAction, /u/Meowsticgoesnya, allegedly attempts suicide. KotakuInAction and GamerGhazi wish her well. [544]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article on the Gawker Mein Kampf scandal calling for #GamerGate activists to write to legislators. [545]

7 Feb 2015

  • University of Southampton is reveled to hold a seminar against GamerGate. The seminar is by Mark Bernstein, who was previously community topic banned on Wikipedia.[546]
  • Evidence emerges that numerous Steam astroturf accounts were involved in getting Revolution 60 greenlit. [547]
  • Article at Daily Dot, about Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack's upcoming book on women in the tech industry. #GamerGate mentioned, and portrayed in a very negative light. [548]
  • The Verge Updates Affiliate Link Disclosure Following #GamerGate FTC Campaign.[549]
  • TechRaptor releases an article talking about Shawn McGrath role in the Making of Fez and the Pinsof's claims about how Phil Fish “stole significantly from their [Mcgrath and Fish’s] code, projects and ideas to create Fez”.[550]

8 Feb 2015

  • More corruption of Reddit exposed.[551]

9 Feb 2015

  • It is strongly suspected in a KotakuInAction thread that Wired and Ars Technica, both Condé Nast properties, have not been disclosing affiliate links; as well as collecting personal information from their users.[552]
  • ShortFatOtaku released their first new Indie-Fensible video since December, that, while not covering any new leaks, goes over several points over the last few months Dev wanted to talk more about including Internet Aristocrat's departure, Angry Joe, and an Erik Kain article. He also explained the importance of rebuilding the system with new ethical standard in addition to destroying the old one. Link to Video
  • Adland.tv released an article detailing the Gawker response to the backlash from their (Gawker's) Coca-Cola Mein Kampf stunt. You can find Adland's article here and an archive of Gawker's post here.
  • KotakuInAction user Lunar Archivist posts an update on the CBC from the CRTC Thread Archive
  • Liana K Posts Part 1 of her 5 piece series on Feminist Frequency and her criticisms of the series and its community on MetalEater.[553]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article analysing stigmatising language used by Anita Sarkeesian and Sam F Biddle. [554]

10 Feb 2015

11 Feb 2015

  • Law and Order: SVU releases episode "Intimidation Game" in which a female game developer is attacked by gamer antagonists operating from "reddchanit." The episode is panned by gamergate and anti-gamergaters alike. [557]
  • Brianna Wu writes an article on bustle.com talking about a Law and Order episode "the Intimidation Game" that paints GamerGate in a negative light, talking about websites like Twitter as "built by men for men" and calling Kotaku in Action a "lunatic fringe group," and calling for the owner of 8chan to be arrested. (better description needed)[558]
  • William Usher writes a complete analysis of the Wikipedia entry about #Gamergate in which he examines each section while showing and explaining the of factual inaccuracies and disinformation in each one of them.[559]
  • Liana K Posts Part 3 of her 5 piece series on Feminist Frequency.[560]
  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article backing Liana Kerzner and promoting her Patreon. [561]

12 Feb 2015

  • Supernova addresses Adam Baldwin's attendance at their event, which became the target of two petitions created back in January(21-22), one against it, one for it. Supernova allows Adam Baldwin to assist.[562]
  • SupaNoThankYou hastag is started to harass Supanova for allowing Adam Baldwin to appear. [563]
  • Kotaku,[564] Polygon,[565] Ars Technica,[566] and The Verge[567] publish articles about the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode Intimidation Game, criticizing the ridiculous portrayal of the gaming community, yet still claiming it is grounded in reality because of the GamerGate hashtag.
  • Forbes's Erik Kain,[568] Hotair.com,[569] and DailyCaller.com[570] publish neutral articles and criticize the content and message of the episode. Erik Kain lambastes the influence this episode could have on women who are interested in working in the gaming industry.
  • Former Blizzard Developer Mark Bern comments on the anti-gamer SVU episode, denouncing the gaming media.[571]
  • ShortFatOtaku released their fourth Indie-Fensible video, reviewing the Law and Order: SVU episode "Intimidation Game", as well as describing in detail the social forces that make blaming gamers for imagined offenses an extremely easy endeavor.Link to Video
  • Liana K releases part 4 of her "Why Feminist Frequency almost made me quit writing about video games" column. [572]

13 Feb 2015

  • Peter Molyneux's is revealed to have failed to contact Bryan Henderson for over a year after Henderson won the "Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube" contest. Henderson was promised a cut of the revenue from Godus and the ability to play as an ingame digital god. [573]
  • Moviebob leaves The Escapist Magazine. [574]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos is interviewed on CJBK London about the Gamergate Controversy[575]
  • Breitbart London publish a damaging expose about Brianna Wu, revealing she is in fact neither 'Brianna' nor 'Wu'. [576]
  • Edmund McMillenn and Danielle McMillenn discuss the video games industry and #GamerGate in a Twitch stream, in it they say the corruption and agenda pushing in gaming journalism and the indie scene are far worse than what #Gamergate imagines.[577][578]
  • Liana K releases the fifth and final portion of her "Why Feminist Frequency almost made me quit writing about video games" columns. [579]

14 Feb 2014

  • Pandodaily reports that lawyers involved in the intern class action lawsuit against Gawker will use social media, especially places where GamerGate discussion takes place, to spread awareness of the case and try and reach former interns with the help of the people involved in #GamerGate.[580]
  • Armedgamer.com reviews Revolution 60, with mainly negative comments, even calling the game 'offensive' and an 'insipid, stumbling, humorless mess of a game that should never have left the brainstorming stage'[581] (posted to KiA)

15 Feb 2015

  • Matthew Hopkins News publishes an article revealing developers of minor indie game That Which Sleeps have broken Kickstarter promises. [582]

16 Feb 2015

  • Pornstar Merces Carrera uploads Youtube video, hitting front page of KotakuInaction as she explains her friend being victimized and criticising fake victimhood of SJWs.[583] [584]
  • William Usher releases an article about ABC admiting not being interested in the whole #Gamergate story because some details "would be hard to spin"[585]

17 Feb 2015

  • Dailycaller writes an article about #Gamergate, questioning the harassment narrative and how people use it as a excuse to harass those participating in the consumer revolt under the pretense: "they deserve it".[586]
  • VG247's writer, Patrick Garratt, releases an article attacking Mark Kern's petition for gaming journalism sites to stop their jellow journalism, claiming that Kern is blaming the messengers and saying any supporter of this petition is foolish. [587]

18 Feb 2015

  • Operation FairPlay starts. [588]
  • Spiked-Online releases an article about Adam Baldwin being allowed to attend SupaNova, in which they say that GamerGate "has become the rallying point for one of the most effective fightbacks against cultural authoritarianism in recent memory."[589]

19 Feb 2015

  • Techraptor releases an article about a lawyer using social media to gather plaintiffs for a Gawker Intern lawsuit.[590]

20 Feb 2015

  • /r/KotakuInAction user TheAndredal posted the thread 'Working on an ethics policy for Gamespot, want advice', a Mod-verified claim that GameSpot was going to be working on a new Ethics Policy, and that TheAndredal could have input. Within 12 hours, after some good points were brought up, an update to the thread was posted that stated: "Ben Howard saw this and has now stopped talking to me all together. Saying i somehow lied. Which is wrong. It doesn't look like they're going to listen to us after all. He removed himself from the conversation that we had and i've not recieved any update from them on this. If you really want to help me, send them emails."[591] Ben Howard subsequently made a post clarifying his position, stating "He is not working on an ethics policy for us, that is something we continue to work on internally. I did mention that we have and will declare when preview travel and accomodation is paid for - as in the case of Danny O'Dwyer's trip for WWE last. Most preview trips are budgeted and paid for by us ourselves. This thread has become a (mostly) useful feedback thread however, so i can assure you we do read and listen to these threads."[592]

21 Feb 2015

22 Feb 2015

23 Feb 2015

  • Metro interviews Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's President and CEO Jim Ryan, wherein Ryan says "I think the GamerGate thing is absolutely horrible." Also in the interview, he states that minority quotas are the wrong way to solve the diversity issue " I don't think you can or should discriminate one way or the other. Quotas in boardrooms, quotas in sporting teams, I personally don't believe that these are the right way to achieve a world where discrimination is not prevalent." [599] News sites MVC,International Business Times, and Engadget reported on the interview.
  • Techraptor founder Rutledge Daugette responded to the claims made in John Kelly's blogpost detailing a potential bias about the game SeedScape because of the pro-reform leaning team. In the forum post/topic, Rutledge breaks down the numerous points claimed by John Kelly and responded to them, while leaving the thread open for discussion.[600]

24 Feb 2015

  • Scrumpmonkey, via the Word of the Nerd website, responded to the Moviepilot article 'The War for the Soul of Geek Culture' by Alisha Grauso with part one of a three part series titled 'The Shocking Inadequacy of GamerGate Coverage'. In this piece, Scrupmonkey "lay[s] out an alternative vision, and also explain why sensationalist claims made in the media about gamers are false."[601]
  • Kat Crawley, now former writer for the InfoSec Institute, is fired from her writing position after writing 'Child Porn, SSNs, and Gamergate: The Vile Tale of 8chan'. She posted the response from her editor on /r/GamerGhazi, with said editor stating "At best, it was a bad fit for us. At worst - which I am now in my third day of being called on the carpet for - it has tarred our name and damaged the brand" and "This isn't the first time I've been taken to task for content appearing under your byline but it is the last."[602] Since posting the email from her editor, it has been deleted. She also reached out to numerous big names considered anti-reform, including AMIB and Randi Harper. [603][604][605][606][607][608][609]
  • BuzzFeed's Joseph Bernstein interviewed Jan Ronkowski about the Jace Connors Character, after Ronkowski felt that GamerGate supporters, who were looking into the possibility it was a hoax the week prior, got too close for comfort. It was also revealed that the restraining order against "Jace" by Brianna Wu was never filed, as the authorities could not locate the man given that he did not exist. Despite the fact that it was never approved, she implied that it was active in both interviews and on social media. [610] [611]

25 Feb 2015

  • William Usher posts an article on his One Angry Gamer blog detailing Brianna Wu claiming that IGN, Game Informer, and Giant Bomb are part of the problem, with Wu stating “If I were asking the media to do anything it would be: don’t let big game companies and media like IGN, Giant Bomb and Game Informer off the hook. They are the primary reason this problem exists.”[612]
  • In response to VG247's refusal to allow an op-ed by Mark Kern, the hashtag #LetMarkSpeak is started and is made to trend in the United States.[613] TechRaptor, Niche Gamer and TotalBiscuit all offer coverage on their platforms instead.[614][615][616]
  • In light of CBC's new hitpiece on #GamerGate, /r/KotakuInAction moves to contact the Canadian Radio-Television Commission[617]

26 Feb 2015

  • It is found out that Code Liberation receive moneys on each of the GamerGateIsHate T-shirts and get promoted by Leigh Alexander for making them.[618] In response, the GamerGateIsLove T-shirt campaign is started.
  • Sargon interviews Brandon Morse and Liana K after their hiring at Defy Media/The Escapist
  • Due to the recent Escapist news, ShortFatOtaku takes a look at The Escapist, bringing up some issues worth noting.
  • Mercedes Carrera is interviewed by Patrick Bissett at The Daily Caller, discussing #GamerGate and her recent charity[619]
  • Dale Goodridge talks to TechRaptor's Georgina Young in The People of #GamerGate
  • Brad Wardell discusses female characters in Stardock's latest game, Fallen Enchantress, and how they meet Anita Sarkeesian's list of "eight things developers can do to make games less shitty for women"[620]
  • Polygon's Brian Crecente interviewed former Ubisoft developer Jade Raymond, when asked about sexism in the games industry, she commented: "It's weird," she says. "I guess I'd never experienced any issues — working in the game industry is great. I think all of the people in the game industry are great that you get to work with." She also noted her first experience with the uglier side of the gaming community, which happened during the promotional period for the first Assassin's Creed game. [621]

27 Feb 2015

28 Feb 2015

March 2015

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2 March 2015

3 March 2015

4 March 2015

5 March 2015

  • Leigh Alexander leaves Gamasutra to become Editor-In-Chief at Boing Boing's Offworld, a website that "will focus on gaming interviews and criticism written primarily by women and minorities," with Laura Hudson as Senior Editor.[638][639][640]
  • The official Google Cloud Platform Twitter account tweeted "The future of gaming is in all of our hands. #GamerGate" and then deleted it shortly thereafter. Later, the same account clarifies Google's position, claiming it was a mistake and that they do not support #GamerGate.[641][642]
  • Andrew Sampson, former developer on The Forest, creates a TwitLonger talking about #GamerGate and some of those against the revolt that has risen in status over the last few months.
  • Doug TenNapel, best known for creating Earthworm Jim, states: "I don’t join any movement but I agree with GGers on these: 1. They’re anti peer pressure 2. They’re against corrupt journalism"[643]
  • The Big Smoke's Jacob Lynagh writes the article 'GamerGate: We Will No Longer Be Guided by Fear'
  • In the response to Tim Shafer's comments at the Game Developers Choice Awards, AlphaOmegaSin, Attack on Gaming, Sargon of Akkad, RazorFist, and the Virtuous Video Game Journalist, among others, all release content.
  • Adrian Chmielarz creates a TweetLonger criticizing the strong reaction to Tim Schafer's joke as well as the GDC Awards themselves
  • A new entry of Indie-Fensible video series called IGDA, Bad IGDA! is released. This talks about corruption, pratices and origins of IGDA.

6 March 2015

7 March 2015

8 March 2015

9 March 2015

10 March 2015

11 March 2015

12 March 2015

13 March 2015

  • In an interview with TechCrunch, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) claims the FBI does not prioritize "online threats against women," which is why she sent a letter to the Appropriations Committee "asking the Department of Justice to intensify their investigations and prosecutions".[670]
  • Brad Wardell laughs at the infamous SRS-like subreddit /r/GamerGhazi in his post 'So Much Crazy in Such Concentration'.
  • Rolling Stone publishes an article about the departure of Christopher Poole, also known as m00t, from 4chan and misrepresents GamerGate.[671]
  • In her debut at The Escapist, Lizzy F writes 'Making the "Right" Choice in Paperboy and Beyond'
  • YouTuber Protomario extends an invitation to all the parties involved in #GamerGate, so they can discuss the issues on his channel. This is notable because Protomario has over 256,000 subscribers.[672]
  • Kotaku's Nathan Grayson writes about his experience at the Game Developers Conference 2015, and finally starts disclosing his relationships. In the article, Nathan eschews the term gamer (using Player instead).[673]

14 March 2015

15 March 2015

16 March 2015

17 March 2015

18 March 2015

19 March 2015

20 March 2015

  • The Atheism+ Blockbot, or The Block Bot, posts a blog entry claiming the program is "sunsetting".[700] While many of the public faces are disappearing, if you look at the block tags, several of the auto-add admins are still contributing to the block list.[701][702] BlockBot admin vex0rian claims that not only will the Blockbot continue operating, they will have an increase in "preemptive blocking".[703][704] Breitbart's Allum Bokhari writes an article about The Block Bot's legal troubles titled 'BBC-Featured "Block Bot" Runs Into Legal Trouble'
  • William Usher writes a new article titled 'Metacritic, Bribery and Costing Bungie $2.5 Million'
  • Anthony Burch writes an article on multiple violent games, including Saints Row, based on his "dumb, ex-game-dev opinion" for Destructoid, but failed to disclose that Saints Row IV includes the Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin' Pack, downloadable content based on the Internet comedy show he created with his sister, Ashly Burch.[705]
  • During an Ask Us Anything on Reddit with Jameel Jaffer, Lila Tretikov, and Jimmy Wales, user thelordofcheese asks a question about Wikimedia's "favoritism and collusion," to which Jimmy Wales replies: "The subreddit about gamergate is somewhere else, my friend." This reply is gilded twice and receives 274 downvotes.[706]
  • Ars Technica releases an interview with the 8chan Administrator, Fredrick Brennan, also known as Hotwheels.[707]

21 March 2015

22 March 2015

23 March 2015

24 March 2015

25 March 2015

26 March 2015

27 March 2015

28 March 2015

29 March 2015

30 March 2015

31 March 2015

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7 April 2015

8 April 2015

9 April 2015

10 April 2015

11 April 2015

12 April 2015

  • William Usher writes 'Study Contradicts Media, Culture Critics’ Propaganda About Sexism in Gaming'
  • In an interview with Badass Digest's Devin Faraci, Joss Whedon talks about GamerGate: "...And with Twitter it’s boiling down to its most simple state. People who have a more nuanced view are just going “Black. White. Left. Right.” because that’s all people have the room to type. And other people read that and it creates this cycle of oversimplification, where, okay MAYBE somebody believes GamerGate actually has ANYTHING to do with ethics in gaming journalism - maybe they somehow believe that - but there’s not even really time to really express that."[785]
  • BoogiepopRobin finds that Cara Ellison failed to disclose her professional relationship with indie developer Porpentine, both Rock, Paper, Shotgun contributors, in articles from multiple outlets, including IGN, Giant Bomb, and PC Gamer[786]

13 April 2015

14 April 2015

15 April 2015

16 April 2015

17 April 2015

  • The Honey Badger Brigade has their booth at Calgary Expo shut down, seemingly after complaints about Vivian James art and an anticensorship GamerGate banner, with the official reason being the violation of the expo's policies; [8chan Bread on /gamergatehq/https://archive.today/s03lShttps://archive.today/s03lS] [KotakuInAction][9] [AT] [YouTube]
  • In the comment section of Patrick Klepek's article about the Honey Badger Brigade booth incident at Calgary Expo, Kotaku's Jason Schreier says:


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May 2015

1 May 2015

  • GamerGate in DC meetup takes place at 930PM at the local 16. The event received about 200-300 attendees, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Sommers, Allum Bokhari, Cathy Young, Frank Salter, Daddy Warpig, Lizzyf620 and Ralph. Several hours into the event, the DC police arrived after someone posted a bomb threat on twitter.

6 May 2015

  • Operation DeepFreeze which documents various ethical breaches of video game journalists and their site goes live. In planning.since 2009.
  • DeepFreeze was tweeted under #OpDeepFreeze to avoid confusion with US government antarctic expeditions of the almost identical name "Operation Deep Freeze" (abbreviated as OpDFrz) which began in 1955.

7 May 2015

  • At around 2 PM EST, Gamergate.me was set to private mode by the owner Drybones.[1] There was Kotakuinaction[2] post and a stickied /gamergatehq/ post[3] about the wiki being down, and two images circulated--one of his Twitter feed saying 'I'm done' and saying 'I've wasted 9 months'[4] as well as a response on 8chan harshly criticizing Drybones for not accepting donations as well as criticizing his vidya.fm project.[5] Later, the wiki was set to public mode again at 8 PM EST. Drybones pinned a tweet to his wall saying that he is transferring the website (gamergate.me) to the head admin of the wiki.[6]

25 May 2015

  • Ian Miles Cheong issues an apology to gamers, and #GamerGate.[7]

June 2015

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1 June 2015

Michael Koretzky releases an AirPlay update and announces Lynn Walsh, Executive Producer of NBC San Diego's investigative-journalism team and Secretary Treasurer of the Society of Professional Journalists, as a panelist;[10]

  • In an article about Harmonix' Rock Band 4, with the blasé attitude of someone who is "standing at a safe distance, drinking fizzy water, eating puff pastry canapes and chatting to another colleague about politics in the Philippines" during the game's press event, Polygon's Senior Reporter Colin Campbell remarks:[11]
  • All video games are stupid, of course. That whole thing of, "you're not really shooting terrorists or winning the World Cup, you're just pressing buttons" is patronizing and simplistic but every now and again you come across a game that has so little emotional connection to who you are that you end up standing there, gazing at the screen and saying "I'm just pressing buttons and my life has no meaning," to a slightly bemused PR person. (Rock Band 4 Is Doing a Lot of the Fun Things You Want It to Do [12]
  • Chris Scullion [13]An Open Letter to Journalists Who Don't Give a Shit; [14] [15]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos [16]How the Latest Ultra-Violent Video Game Proves the Law of Heckle Shekels;[17]
  • Paolo Munoz [18]uploads From an Indie Game Dev: Why I'm in #GamerGate; [19]
  • CrankyTRex writes[20] #GamerGate Scores Again: FTC Updates Disclosure Guidelines; [21] [22]
  • Attack On Gaming's Gaming Admiral posts [23] GamerGate a Hate Group, I Think Not – #GGinSydney Meetup; [Attack On Gaming] [24]
  • Qu Qu releases RECAP: #GamerGate DOUBLE WEEK Summary May 16th-29th.[25]


  • Leigh Alexander writes an article[26] about the taste of gamers, who, according to her, "imagine themselves as part of an elite class of especially-discerning consumer",[27] and mentions game designer Naomi Clark without disclosing their personal relationship;[28] [] [8chan Bread on /v/https://archive.is/XeV8L#selection-14859.3-14869.0] [KotakuInActionhttps://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/388wv2/leigh_alexander_once_again_fails_to_disclose_her/] [29]

  • BoogiepopRobin updates his pastebin[30] on Kotaku's Nathan Grayson because he failed to disclose[31] his personal relationship with indie developer Nina Freeman in yet another article[32]; [KotakuInActionhttps://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/38be01/kotakus_nathan_grayson_is_mad_valve_is_offering/] [AT]
  • TotalBiscuit performs a dramatic reading of Colin Campbell's article[33][34], Rock Band 4 Is Doing a Lot of the Fun Things You Want It to Do, in Masterpiece Theatre Presents - Games Journalism; [35]
  • William Usher posts #GamerGate Meetup in San Jose Goes Off Without a Hitch; [One Angry Gamer] [36]
  • Martyr of Video Culture Replay uploads #GamerGate: Anne Rice VS Randi Harper;[37]
  • New video by the Honey Badger Brigade: Badgerpod Gamergate 18: Threat(oid)s. [38]


  • New article by William Usher: FTC Endorsement Guide Now Includes Game Reviews, YouTubers, Affiliate Links; [[39]] archive.is
  • Robert Shimshock writes Former Game Journalist Condemns Polygon Writer's "Complete Disregard" for Rock Band 4 Preview; Breitbart archive.is


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February 2016

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March 2016

7 March 2016

  • The Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker court case begins. Gawker's founder and managing editor, Nick Denton, is among Gawker's defendants.[4]

12 March 2016

  • The GamerGate Wiki is finally revived after long periods of inactivity due to reasons beyound our control.

14 March 2016

  • SXSW's director, Hugh Forrest, urges[5][6] Mercedes Carrera to delete tweets[7] and a video[8] criticizing Randi Harper and the Online Harrassment Summit panel.

15 March 2016

  • Mercedes Carrera refuses to self-censor and resigns from the SXSW SavePoint panel.[9]
  • The pro-GamerGate SXSW SavePoint panel proceeds as planned and runs without incident. Lynn Walsh, Nick Robalik, and Perry Jones host and discuss topics related to ethics in journalism and gaming journalism.[10]

16 March 2016

  • Independent game developer duo Digital Homicide files a lawsuit against Jim Sterling for reasons of assault, libel, and slander.[11]
  • GamerGate is featured in an episode of Syfy's "The Internet Ruined My Life". The episode focuses on Brianna Wu's interpretation of events and the official episode description [falsely] states that "The sole purpose of [GamerGate] is to harass female gamers and other women who work in the video industry."[12]

18 March 2016

  • The jury of the Hulk Hogan v. Gawker lawsuit rules that Gawker was in violation of Hogan's privacy by publishing his sex tape and must award Hogan $115M in damages.[13]

19 March 2016

21 March 2016

  • The Hogan v. Gawker jury awards Hogan an additional $25M in punitive damages, bringing Gawker's owed total to an approximate $140M.[14]

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22 August 2016


Vivian Celebrated her 2nd birthday and there was much rejoicing as Vivian images posted with reckless abandon.

September 2016

21 September 2016

[40] [41] Raju Narisetti is the new CEO of the Gawker-less Gawker Media Group, which is being renamed the Gizmodo Media Group.

26 September 2016

Gizmodo Incites Harassment On Female #GamerGate Supporter, Forces Her Off Twitter oneanrygamer article[42]

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October 2016

Creating Timeline/2016/October

10 October 2016

  • Devin Farci gets outed as a sexual harraser by twitter user [43]


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