I didn’t choose Gamergate…

Well then, yet another new site born from the mess of Gamergate. Since you care enough to read this, let me explain what made this humble and random gamer to bother making this site then, yes?

I’m not really attracted to the idea of Gamergate. Hashtag slacktivism has always been the sort of thing I mocked, especially so when it’s something as superficial as videogames. Add to the fact that I have been laughing at fat jokes, autists, neckbeards, manchildren and a million other internet species for the better part of two decades, and I shouldn’t be bothered to even pay attention to Gamergate. I wasn’t surprised by the sheer amount of MRAs, rightwing keyboard warriors and assorted internet reactionaries flooding to its support, especially since they too have always been a good laughing stock.

But what really caught my attention was the core of the anti-GG side. Here were people whose political opinions I agreed with in as much as I knew a bit about them from gleaning at Twitter or blogs, but were behaving in the most unprofessional way possible and, even worse, even more childishly than the people they railed against. PR agents who had quite literally made it their jobs to troll their own audience. Journalists who defend themselves by saying they never mentioned “journalism” on their sites. Reviewers flat-out telling their own readers they were idiots.

Even as I keep seeing people I alredy knew to be terrible joined the ranks of GG, it seems I keep seeing anti-GG people doing worse, which inevitably pushed me to sympathize with the pro-GG side. No matter how low I see a pro-GG person stoop down to, I see anti-GG people doing worse.

My side was joined by a schizotype who rages on Youtube against female sexual liberation, but then a Vice reporter says with a straight face that women “commodifying their own sexuality” in order to advance their career is a-okay and compares it to cheesecake and pandering.

I see an opportunist who is the very definition of a yellow journalist support GG, while one of the central anti-GG people has made a career out of trolling, bullying and gloating about it.

They use instances of harassment to paint GG as a hate group while virtually completely ignoring instances of their side’s own abuses, both before and after the start of this fracas.

Most people who enjoy this hobby are a privileged and pampered lot who know nothing about society, says the trust fund baby of a military industry executive.

Even staying out of GG proper, the videogames press is plagued by corruption far in excess of its diminutive cultural impact. The owner of a major gaming journalism website tries to defend himself from charges of wrongful and seemingly illegal termination by saying that “nowhere on my site does it say we are journalists”, the outlets are far too close to the subject of their reporting, suspiciously lenient reviews are rife, basic journalistic practices like disclosure are almost completely ignored, and plenty of payola, cronyism and general unprofessional behavior by any standards, let alone that of supposed members of the press.

I already spend way too much time with videogames anyway so I decided to start this site to catalogue all the information about the mess that is gaming journalism and anti-consumer pratices by the videogame industry proper, as well as maybe an occasional blog post. This being the internet, any neckbeard who can register for a blog can voice their unsolicited opinions into the electronic void. I already spend too much time with games anyway, might as well share the information I gather.

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