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Blogger and e-celebrity.


The Sarkeesian Effect

Aurini’s main connection to videogames and Gamergate is The Sarkeesian Effect, an as-of-yet unproduced series of videos supposed to debunk the various claims made by videogames critic Anita Sarkeesian, to be made by Aurini and his collaborator Jordan Owen.

As of yet, only a handful of teasers and trailers of it exist. The series itself was intended to be financed via Patreon [1]http://www.patreon.com/thesarkeesianeffect, but the first milestone of funding — “Start Filming!” for US$ 15,000 a month — remains unreached. Critics have noted that this high monthly sums brings to mind one of the most often used attacks against Sarkeesian: that the crowdfunding of her Tropes vs Women series had garnered funding far in excess of what would be demanded by a series of self-published videos.


Controversial opinions

Aurini is the target of much criticism for his unorthodox opinions, on display at his Youtube profile [2]http://www.youtube.com/user/Aurini/ and his personal website [3]https://archive.today/N7qrB, including videos about “race realism” and “decadent sluts”. These opinions, coupled with the strange mannerisms and affectations that he displays throughtout his videos, led to him becoming mostly a subject of ridicule in the internet.


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