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Founder of the International Game Developer Association and veteran game developer.


IGDA’s stated mission

IGDA claims to “serv[e] all invididuals creating games” and states in itself: “Mission: To advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community” [1]


Ernest Adams, founder of IGDA [2] altho not holding an official position, often speaks on the subject of defense of game developers. His authoritative stance in the community adds gravity to the issues where he has placed against against IGDA’s own stated goal.

Threat of blacklisting by founder

On 24 October 2014 threatening supporters of Gamergate [3] He argued that he was not threatening anyone by itself but merely saying that other professionals in the industry would remember who supported Gamergate. However, his support of the narrative that paints GG as a harassment campaign implies that GG supporters are by definition harassers and thus all of them warrant discrimination. This led to charges of blacklisting [4]

He has since deleted the controversial tweet.


Justifying censorship of games

One of IGDA’s stated goals is to fight censorship against games, a point which Adams has reiterated [5] However, as the game Hatred was removed from Steam’s Greenlight service and several industry figures made thinly disguised defenses of its censoring, Adams made use of the old fallacy that only the government has the power to enact censorship [6]


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