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Dismissal over game review

On November 28 2007, Gamespot fired its editorial director, Jeff Gerstmann [1] Rumors initially began to circulate that it was due to his middling review of the game Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, a high-profile title from Eidos Interactive which was at the time advertised heavily on the site. Both Gamespot and its parent company CNET denied this conflict of interest was the cause of dismissal [2], but Gerstmann himself later contradicted this [3]

Gerstmann’s dismissal prompted Gamespot editors Brad Shoemaker, Alex Navarro, Vinny Caravella and Ryan Davis to resign soon afterwards [4], and the latter went on to start the site Giant Bomb with Gerstmann.


Acquisition of Giant Bomb

On March 2012, CNET’s own parent company, CBS Interactive, acquired Giant Bomb itself, nullifying Gerstamnn’s ‘non-disparagement agreement’ with CNET, allowing him to confirm that his Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was indeed the biggest cause of his termination.



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