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Gamergate censorship

Altho the topic of GG itself is not banned, Tyler Malka himself had made clear his position as vocally anti-GG earlier on, including revealing the e-mails of two NeoGAF users who wrote him to discuss GG [1], again painting GG as a harassment campaign.

Taking the cue from Malka, the mod team has made their position on the matter clear as well, by banning pro-GG posters [2], to the point that current threads on the subject are overwhelmingly anti-GG. Among the pro-GG people who claimed to have been banned solely for dissent were The Fine Young Capitalists [3] (the account itself was handled by Matthew Rappard), and LPer Boogie2988 [4] [5] [6] (his ban came amidst more harassment because of his mild involvement in Gamergate, see his page for more details). Boogie2988’s ban message cast light on what was already suspected: that the NeoGAF mod team considered gamergate “a movement of harassment and hate” and thus any pro-GG opinion was an unstated reason for banning.

Past abuse by Tyler Malka

Malka’s characterization of Gamergate as a misogynistic harassment campaign and his supposed support of social justice is at odds with his own behavior, both in the internet and in real life, bringing into question the honesty of his claims to support progressive causes.

Hypocrisy regarding social justice

The original information on this was brought up by The Ralpha Retort [7]

Not long ago, Malka dismissed social justice advocates on the internet as “feminazis”.

Yet now he claims a moral high ground over the same things he was mocking.

“Revenge porn” in 2006

The original information on this was brought up on a thread in the Kotaku In Action subreddit [8]

According to the KiA thread, in 2006 Tyler Malka posted leaked nude pictures of the girlfriend of the admin of a rival forum called Opa-Ages. No archived version of the offending thread on Opa-Ages remains, but The Ralph Retort on 21 September 2014 claimed to have received an archived copy of it [9], and shared several comments from it that corroborate the claim that Malka leaked the pictures.


Selling NeoGAF user content to Kotaku without consent in 2011

The original information on this was brought up by The Ralpha Retort [10]

To quote from The Ralph Retorn itself (formatting slightly changed for the sake of sourcing):

In October 2011, a thread from a NeoGAF user called ScOULaris [11] was reproduced on Kotaku [12], with his name credited as the author. A thread about this was soon made on NeoGAF about it [13], with speculation as to whether Kotaku had stolen the content or bought it from the author himself or from NeoGAF. ScOULaris himself was in that thread and claimed he wasn’t asked permission by anyone  [14], and soon afterwards NeoGAF’s terms of service were rewritten in order to give the site’s the right to appropriate content made by its users [15], a power that wasn’t clear until then. A important note is that this new clause applied retroactively. ScOULaris, who initially wasn’t very bothered by the Kotaku republication as long as credit was given, wasn’t pleased by it [16]

Between the just-revised terms of service and the facts that ScOULaris was not asked permission despite being named the author in the Kotaku article, it was clear that Malka himself had handed the content to Kotaku to publish it. The Ralph Retort says Malka claimed not to have received compensation for Kotaku’s use of the article, and neither did ScOULaris himself. However, Kotaku certainly did make money of it, as its page had ads like any other part of the site. Furthermore, The Ralph Retort’s source claim that Malka is lying and actually was paid by Kotaku. There isn’t, however, a way to corroborate his claim.

Regardless, the fact remains that ScOULaris was neither asked permission for publication of his thread nor compensated for it.

Sexual assault in 2012

The original information on this was brought up on a thread in the Kotaku In Action subreddit [17]

In a thread on NeoGAF itself in 2012, Malka openly brags about groping a foreign woman. A link to said thread has since been lost, but soon after Malka’s contentious post, forum user Salvor.Hardin started a thread to discuss it [18] As criticism for his actions piled on, Malka steadfastly defended the sexual assault he committed, including shifting the blame on the woman. He would later make light of the situation by implying he shouldn’t have confessed to it [19]

As of the time of writing (10 December 2014), Salvor.Hardin’s thread has been deleted [20], and lists its latest archived version as from 15 October 2014. This means the thread was deleted during Gamergate, giving credence to Malka whitewashing his past misdeeds in order to fit in with social justice advocates among the anti-GG.

E3 press badge denied

In May 2014, Tyler Malka was refused, for the first time, press badges to attend E3 [21] Seeing as the event is closed to the public, this meant malka wouldn’t be able to attend at all.

Unfounded rumors of Sony astroturfing

It’s a common notion among videogame communities that NeoGAF is has guerrilla marketers for Sony and Playstation topics while those of other consoles are trolled, but all evidence is circumstantial. There isn’t any solid proof linking NeoGAF and Sony astroturfing.

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