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Former editor for Gawker Media’s Valleywag blog and currently senior editor of their main blog Gawker.


Privilege and hypocrisy

Following a theme common to many central anti-gamers and social justice advocates, Biddle is a son of privilege who rages against the privilege of people other than himself. In particular, according to Paul Carr of Pando, Gawker’s owner Nick Denton has a specific agenda where “ordinary tech workers, not their bosses, are the legitimate targets of violent protest”. Within this narrative, Biddle is in charge of fostering it in Valleywag, where he attacks as “spoiled brats” of the “New Meritocracy” who owe all their success to their families, despite the exact same thing being true of himself:

Even Denton’s choice of Valleywag editor reeks of hypocrisy. Which is to say, if you’re going to wage a fake class war, then, Sam Faulkner Biddle is the perfect fake class warrior for the job. Long before he got his gig wailing about “spoiled brat” tech founders who owe their success to their fathers, Biddle gained entry to the prestigious Johns Hopkins university with no help whatsoever from his own father, the Pulitzer prize winning journalist — and Johns Hopkins lecturer — Wayne Biddle. In case the nepotism wasn’t obnoxious enough for his classmates, Biddle promptly joined the Delta Phi fraternity at which, Wikipedia tells us

“Controversy exists to a perceived exclusivity in the selection criteria. It is generally regarded that wealth is a factor as almost all members are from affluent backgrounds.”

One of Biddle’s former classmates put it in simpler terms: Delta Phi is a club you could only join if you have rich parents.


And so it came to pass that wealthy, privileged, Sam Biddle became Nick Denton’s pick to lead Gawker’s phony, hypocritical, long-distance class war against San Francisco’s wealthy, privileged tech workers. And why not? Per David Sirota’s recent exposé of Ed Schultz, Nick and Sam wouldn’t be the first journalists to deny their privileged background in order to make bank as born-again class warriors.

Paul Carr’s full article [1] lists many more such abuses which are central to Gawker Media’s strategy of clickbait sensationalism

“Bring back bullying”

In regards to Gamergate, Biddle has made inflammatory tweets promoting bullying [2] [3] He later apologized [4] but more comments later, as well as his penchant for clickbait and manufactured controversy, bring his honesty into question [5]

These bullying comments have caused Mercedes Benz to remove their advertising partnership with Gawker Media [6] However, the car manufacturer had no ad campaign on any Gawker site at that moment, so technically no ads were removed [7]

The bullying apologia was made in the middle of October, deemed National Bullying Prevention Month [8]

Soon afterwards, Biddle was promoted from Valleywag editor to senior editor of the central Gawker blog [9] He further mocked bullying victims because of it [10]

Gawker’s editor-in-chief, Max Read, excused Biddle’s comments as jokes despite recognizing the problem of bullying, ignoring the issue of gross unprofessionalism [11] [12]

Excusing animal abuse

Soon after the crass defense of bullying, Biddle again played the shock-jockey persona by bizarrely excusing animal abuse [13] [14]

On the heels of this latest debacle, people have noticed that these were just the latest in a long series where he casually joked or seemingly seriously talked about harming animals [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] (sourced from the wiki [24]

Attacks on Gamergate

Wizardchan mockery

In the many paeans published by mainstream media about Zoe Quinn, the drama involving her spat with the website Wizardchan is often brought up without any regard to the veracity of Quinn’s claims. Sam Biddle penned one such article, which includes mockery and bullying of Wizardchan’s users, many of which suffer from suicidal levels of depression [25]

This attack on depression victims, as if not reprehensible by itself, has an ironic undertone considering Quinn’s Depression Quest supposedly aims to de-stigmatize the mental illness [26]

Topics about suicide are so common in Wizardchan that at one time the boards included a link to a suicide prevention hotline. Biddle’s attack on mentally ill people is one of many that have been made by mainstream journalists in their uncritical defense of Zoe Quinn.


Phony tweets

Tweets and internet posts made by random people, trolls or even sockpuppets are a common way for anti-gamers to reinforce the harassment narrative surrounding Gamergate. Sam Biddle has been one of many in the mainstream media who furthered the practice [27]

As a Redditor noticed, several of the cheap insults displayed by Biddle were opportunistically used by him in order to paint Gamergate as harassers [28]

I just analyzed every single person mentioned and confirmed that one is a member of GamerGate (@Lambert2191).
Three of them (@HIGH_TIER, @imDLXE, @Ghesttt) are DramaAlert fans.
Several had too many tweets to go back to the start of GamerGate (@RedHazz, @OMGLove). I scrolled through about ten pages of tweets and found zero usage of the tag. I asked them to confirm their position and they haven’t gotten back to me.
One (@JayMcKlay) used the GamerGate tag only once, where he said, “#GamerGate shouldn’t even be a thing.
Several had their accounts suspended for obvious reasons, so I could not confirm their position.
Shouldn’t the journalist be the one doing this kind of shit?
EDIT: Honorable mention, @VerifiedNewsURL. They used #GamerGate in their tweet, but they’re just stating what GamerGate is, not showing support or membership. They have 3 followers, 15 tweets (most of which were deleted, including this one). They follow 9 people, two of which are Lizard Squad and Finest Squad. This person appears to be a part of a different group entirely.

Crass sensationalism

As the ISIS is a populat topic at the moment, many media outlets are keen to use their crimes as fodder for sensationalism. Sam Biddle did it in his own way, by patronizing and glorifying the child soldiers press-ganged by ISIS in a blog post entitled “The ISIS babies are freaking adorable” [29]

The already shameless sensationalism took a ghastly turn the very following day, as ISIS released a video of one such child soldier executing supposed Russian spies [30]

Defending doxxing

Biddle nurtures an unexplained enmity towards Twitter joke account @NYTFridge, going as far as openly threatening to dox its owner and offering money for tips that may lead to it [31] [32]

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