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What the fuck is Gamergate?

There have been dozens of explanations of what Gamergate is about, and for my money, the best one by far is a blog post by TotalBiscuit: Whose “side” am I on? It doesn’t say much about the timeline of GG events, which is just as well. It comments on what it’s about, what it isn’t about, adds some nice examples of gaming journalism malpractice and points out that the core of anti-GG is failing at making it go away precisely by proving it to have a point they are ignoring.

What’s this about manipulated narratives and media bias?

A lot can be said about narrative control, corporativism by journalists, the Spectacle and even collusion, but Kazerad’s several posts on the topic are a rather lengthy but very even-headed and nuanced read.

Why do I keep hearing about SJWs?

It’s no surprise that “social justice warrior” has become a horribly loaded term, to the point that some people conflate it with anti-GG itself. I avoid using the label, since it can include anything from decent people like community managers and charity workers to internet slacktivists and suburbanites playing at being holier-than-thou. Of course, the latter categories are the part actually related to Gamergate.

A particularly telling piece about common SJW, and by extension anti-GG, behavior is Fredrik deBoer’s ‘Everything personal can’t be political’ and ‘It’s pretty simple, really’. Avowedly anti-GG, these posts are surprisingly candid, essentially boiling down to “people are using our own intellectually dishonest rhetoric against us” and “social justice is largely a circlejerk of white people”.

From rather unbiased blogger Scott Alexander comes an interesting post called ‘Social justice and words, words, words’ where he denounces what just may be the core of the intellectual dishonesty practiced by this wing of the SJWs that have taken up the anti-GG banner: the cleverly named motte-and-bailey fallacy.

Where can I get GG criticism from an anti-GG source?

Frankly, you can google for the word and read just about any mainstream media article on it. They are as numerous as they are similar in tone and content.

Where can I get GG criticism from a pro-GG source?

Altho not directly aimed at Gamergate itself, veteran developer David Scott Jaffe argues very well in a Twitlonger post against several common canards of GG supporters.

Where can I get GG criticism from whomever else?

Ken White of the Popehat blog distributes rhetorical drubbings to everyone concerned in ‘Ten short rants about Gamergate’. I feel I should mention the post he refers to in the first paragraph by his colleague Clark. Tho it sagaciously identifies GG as another battle in the American culture war, Clark’s point is lost between simplistic labelling and a rather bizarre personal theory revolving around the Protestant reformation.

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