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Response to IGF criticism

This is explained in more detail in IGF’s page on this site.

Indie studio Rotting Cartridge, an entrant on IGF 2012, fiercely criticized the judging process of the event [1], claiming many of the judges assigned to their game, Kale in Dinoland, barely even played it. This lack of proper judgment runs counter to the supposedly meritocratic order of the awards.

A judge at the 2012 IGF event, Jenn Frank took umbrage at Rotting Cartridge’s revelations and offered a rebuttal [2], altho she seemingly wasn’t one of the judges to whom Kale In Dinoland was assigned.

Altho she raises valid points (namely, the failure of some devs to provide documentation for their entries or simply of offering buggy builds), her post is littered with assumptions, flaws in logic, personal diatribes and petty insults. Many of the comments on the post condemn it.


Undisclosed conflict of interest

Most of the information in this section comes from a thread on Reddit. [3]

On 1 September 2014, Jenn Frank published an article on The Guardian [4] Although it doesn’t mention Gamergate, it revolves arround the narrative of harassment against women in videogames, chiefly Zoe Quinn, that has surrounded it since. The initial version of the article failed to disclose her ties to Zoe Quinn in the form of support to her Patreon. On the same day, the article was edited as a tiny disclosure was added at the very end of the article [5] On 5 September the edit was changed to clarify that the disclosure (which also included Frank having briefly met Anita Sarkeesian, also feature din the article) was included by Frank in the copy she sent to the newspaper, but the editor thought it wasn’t a significant connection, thus assuming the fault for omitting the disclosure that was being unfairly blamed on Jenn Frank [6]

However, there are four other factors that aren’t mentioned anywhere that indicate conflict of interest.

The first is the fact that Maya Felix Kramer, a friend and possible PR agent of Zoe Quinn, pays into Jenn Frank’s own Patreon [7] However, the possible PR tie between Kramer and Quinn is circumstantial. The page on Zoe Quinn expounds on their relationship.

The second one is that Frank, by her own admission, Frank booked and paid approximately US$1,000.00 for the hotel room where Zoe Quinn and her then-boyfriend Eron Gjoni during Game Developer’s Conference 2014 [8] [9] [10], which is corroborated by Gjoni in his blog [11] GDC 2014 took place in San Francisco during 17 to 21 March, with Frank paying for a week’s worth of the hotel room and Gjoni paying for further two nights.

The third factor is that in the same series of tweets where she admits to paying US$1,000.00 for Quinn’s and Gjoni’s hotel room, she lashes out at Gjoni. Besides the common and misapplied epithet of “jilted ex” [12], she calls him “this idiot horrible asshole” [13] and flings even more colorful profanities [14], while wishing that he would pay her back [15] [16] [17] Beyond the vituperation, these tweets perfectly indicate her bias in the issue she covered even without considering the financial matter of the hotel room payments.

The fourth one is simply how close she is to Zoe Quinn at all, regardless of hotel fees. Being close to the would-be subject of your journalistic articles is a conflict of interest in itself. Tho Frank saw fit to disclose having briefly met Anita Sarkeesian, she far closer relationship to Zoe Quinn went unremarked upon.

These tweets predate the publication of the article on The Guardian, but to this day, it makes no mention of this financial tie, let alone her personal friendship and bias towards Quinn’s side of the story.

“Quitting” for 17 days

On 3 September 2014, Frank made a public display of quitting freelance writing, because her editor having not published her initial disclosure caused her to come under unwarranted scrutiny [18] No mentions are made of the hotel fee, her relationship with Quinn or her bias towards Quinn’s side of the story.


On 20 September she was back to penning articles for The Guardian [19]

Explaining her side

On September 11 2014, Frank made a post on her blog expounds on her short-lived decision to quit freelance writing. Between personal details irrelevant to the topic at hand, she reiterates that it was the newspaper’s choice to not initially include her disclosure, and clarifies that her payments to Zoe Quinn’s Patreon amount to three monthly payments to $5, thus an insignificant amount (“I am being taken to task for $15, far less than any journalist’s bar tab”) [20]

Again, no mentions are made of the hotel fee, friendship with Quinn or bias towards her.


N64 controllers too complex for girls

Source [21]

By 1996, most of my female classmates had stopped playing video games. I think some of this had to do with societal pressures but the rest of it had to do with the Nintendo 64. Even now its controller is nonsense; in 1996 it was outright galling. Where had all these buttons come from? Why was it shaped like that? Why was there an analogue stick stuck in the middle of it?

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