Patricia Hernandez

Videogame journalist for Kotaku, Gawker Media’s videogame site.



Hernandez is known in videogame communities mostly for sensationalist articles, badly-argued opinion pieces, inane comments on other sites’ content and relatively little to do with actual videogames. Altho this trend towards clickbait is common throughout the internet, Hernandez came to symbolize its presence in the videogames press due to the sheer amount of such articles she publishes.

A not-at-all comprehensive list of such articles:


Lack of disclosure

Patricia Hernandez has written several articles giving good publicity to games made by personal acquaintances without any disclosure. The following image explains the case and brings up Stephen Totilo’s attitude towards the accusations [1], and all claims are sourced in the sections below.


Source: 8chan

Anna Anthropy

Indie developer Anna Anthropy (a.k.a. Auntie Pixelante [2] is a close friend of Hernandez [3], to the point once being housemates [4] [5]

Several articles were penned by Hernandez for Kotaku praising Anthropy’s works [6] [7] [8] [9], some including direct links to buy them. None of these pieces had any disclaimer about this personal tie during their time of publication, but after the start of Gamergate they have since been updated to include a small disclosure mid-way into the text [10] [11] [12] [13] Two more such articles don’t have any archived version of the text without disclosure [14] [15]

Christine Love

Christine Love is an indie developer [16] who was once romantically involved with Hernandez [17]

Hernandez wrote two articles promoting Love’s videogame without disclosing this [18] [19] After the start of Gamergate, both articles were updated to include small disclaimers that mentioned their friendship [20] [21]

Zoe Quinn

Hernandez penned an article on Kotaku featuring Quinn’s body mody-mod [22], without disclosing their friendship. The piece has since been updated to include such a disclaimer [23]



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Gawker Media

Online media network focused on blogging, founded and owned by Nick Denton. Kotaku is its blog dedicated to video games.


Tax avoidance

Gawker Media was originally incorporated in Hungary, through which a large part of its international revenues were directed. In 2010 Gawker was “moved” to the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven. The New Yorker went as far as state “Gawker is organized like an international money-laundering operation.” [1]

In a Gawker post attacking American CEOs for tax evasion, Gawker Media’s James Del, executive director of their internal ad department, posted a comment where he both confesses his company uses such schemes too and tries to spin it in a positive light [2] [3] The notion regarding patriotism call back to Gawker’s previous stance on calling tax dodging unpatriotic [4]

Sam Biddle

Sam Biddle, former editor for Gawker Media’s Valleywag blog and currently senior editor of the main blog Gawker, has several controversies to his name. Please see his page on this site for more information.

Partner list

Following the loss of Mercedes Benz as a partner, Gawker Media has removed the list of partnes from their site [5]

Labor disputes

Gawker Media has been involved since June 2013 on a legal dispute with former interns, who claim they were classified as such solely for their employers to avoid paying them wages, which is a violation of federal law [6] Since then, judges have ruled that a class action lawsuit is applicable [7], and that the plaintiffs can send notices about it to currently employed unapid interns [8]


Please see Kotaku’s page in this site.

Yellow journalism

One of the most frequent accusations aimed at Gawker Media’s sites is the lack of quality of its supposed journalists, including reliance on clicbait, unethical behavior, sensationalism and in some cases illegal practices. Below is a list of egregious examples:

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