Welcome to gaming journalism+

Hello there, fans of videogame journalists.

You might be wondering what such an openly anti-GG sub-blog is doing here, in the middle of this vile den of misogyny and harassment. Well, the admin has seen the light, however momentarily, and decided that This Is Videogames was too clearly pro-GG, and invited professional, fearless journalists to show you the error of your ways. And 0HP was born!

Our first contributor is the leading voice in the burgeoning field of cultural analysis of disposable pop culture detritus, SSJ3 McIntosh. A culture jammer extraordinaire, you won’t find a more incisive and learned cultural critic this side of Youtube Poop videos.

Next up is the heavyweight champion of consumer rights activism, so long as we’re talking about the right consumers. Garcin Sterling, a man of conviction, never ceases fighting the good fight against whomever can be easily fought.

Last but definitely not least is yours truly, King Benjamin I The Wall. I’ll be the acting editor of this elite crew, providing both gaming news and insightful editorializing. Do not worry about finding false facts here, as these will be properly hammered until they fit the mould.

So let me welcome you into a new era of gaming journalism! Unless you’re a gamer. In which case, fuck you.

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